Unmasking the Existential Lies

Your words are the lyrics, the song you sing to the Universe.

Calling for an end to grown-ups 'whyning'

Remember when the big questions were 'What am I?' and 'What's the meaning of life?' It used to be a reminder of 'Alfie' to as 'What's it all about?' For many today's existential questions are 'What's in it for me?' and 'Why should I care?'

This flies in the face of the issues that we are facing because they are 'Do or Die', and the gap defined by 'or' is the space of deep suffering. It takes the courage of heart, the clarity of thought and the willingness of spirit to listen and hear what's really going on. It means being brave enough to get to our feet and open our hearts before we speak, and then to willingly join hands with others and then let our feet take us wherever we must go to consciously co-create under-standing. If we harness our innate competence to be compassionate we can experience inner peace. We can become catalysts and together co-create the possibilities that are necessary for the children of the world to develop the potential to live in a world that knows peace.

Can you smell the fragrance of Love? How often does a smell invoke a memory you've long forgotten? How does light lovingly illumine your heart and lift your thoughts? Would absolutely knowing that you're lovable help live your life?

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