Projects built  on A Universal Framework that Works

Taking the children off the not so merry-go-round

One of your greatest tasks today is lift a child off the not-so-merry-go-round so they can learn and lead us into the Future.

What might happen if your childish attitudes were replaced by loving childlike actions? How would your life change if your communication was loving and clear? Can you imagine a life where breakthroughs consistently replaced outbursts and breakdowns?

Humanity has the capacity for transformation; the question is what will it take for enough of us to harness the will to do so. You are a living system, energy mixing water with an amazingly complex batch of simple ingredients. The relationships that you form are life-like systems, and they're as healthy as the humans who engage in them with you. The Mereon Matrix is a logic of Love that allows you to observe the connections between your body, heart and thoughts, and see how your responses or reactions play out with others. It is a method to help bring conscious awareness to how your personal and local realities affect the world we share.

Understanding opens when you are physically aware and consciously connect your emotional, cognitive, instinctual, temporal and spiritual realities.

Your 'Consciousness Quotient' defines your true intelligence. A high degree of clarity minimises confusion and as your heart unkinks, your brain begins to make connections. Suddenly you find yourself flowing and growing far more often than you experience the pain getting stuck or bent out of shape. Challenging for scientists, the Mereon Matrix is a game changer, because it’s playing hard ball with what we think we know about science.