Inspired Organisations: 'H.R'. = Human Relationships

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Ever feel as if you've been hung out to dry?

T.S. Eliot long ago asked a question that we need to ask and answer right now: "Where is all the knowledge we lost with information?"

Today’s challenges in business are identical to those tearing education apart: bullying, mobbing, stress, cheating, poor attendance, boredom, inability to prioritise, failure to keep promises, negative attitudes, miscommunication, stress and burnout just to name a few.

Too often an attempt at organisational development is a game that ends with winners and losers. For some it’s ‘Hide and Seek’; for others it’s akin to ‘Musical chairs’, ‘Blind Man’s Bluff’, ‘Tug-o-war’, or ‘Dodgeball’.

Just as the key to transformation in education is belonging, the key to sustainability in business is HR redefined as Human Relationships.

The Mereon Legacy CIC is committed to applying the Mereon Matrix as a template of Mindfulness, weaving human conscience with cooperative, responsive and conscious actions. As a dynamic scaffold, this framework charts the complex sequence of growth, which defines the competences and unique skillsets that are essential to a cooperative organisation. When inclusion is defined by desire, competence, the ability to lead and the willingness to cooperate, one finds the heartbeat of sustainability. When a vision is clear, constantly illumined by values, coherence becomes the hallmark of purpose at every level of action. In such an organisation, products are equally meaningful and measurable, and profitability is regenerated hand-in-hand with long-term benefits.

Contact us to discover how you can learn to apply this knowledge to revision your personal life, or build or rebuild a relationship or intentionally design an enterprise that is able to attract resources, stabilise and self-organise.