Gratefully Riding the Arc of Grace

 Joy and happiness are events, moments that we experience as we ride the wide arc of grace,
the path that is forever underscored by gratitude.

Happiness is being free to appropriately experience and express what you are feeling in the moment. It is being safe to say what is true for you. It is you owning what is true for you in the moment without confusing that it is the sole truth of who you are.

Feel the difference in saying "I am angry." as compared with "I'm feeling angry." Can you sense the difference between the statement "I am sad." and "I'm feeling sad.". What goes on in your head when you say "I am confused." in contrast to saying, "I'm feeling confused."?

Speaking gently, without self-pity or false guilt, and without any need to lie, shame or lay blame on another, plus the full stop at the end of the sentence is what opens meaningful dialogue.

For years Lynnclaire has facilitated Mereon PlayShops, applying the logic and Fundamentals of Universal Love as derived from the Mereon Matrix, to explore meaning in the social sciences.

It's all about real-ationships. It's an experience that participants describe as 'an experience of a lifetime'.

Imagine co-creating a safe space in which you are free to remember who you are. Do you have the courage to open and realise that in a matter of hours you can embrace everything you've ever dreamed of? The question is, do you have the courage to take the first step towards ending the game of guilt, shame and blame? Only with other open-minded and open-hearted individuals can you experience the unity that is the prelude to harmony!