Inspiration & Supporting work that is truly High Play!

Imagine: The depth and power of Our Interconnection

Essence Illumined

Three types of galleries offer Lynnclaire Dennis' reflections and contemplations into the dynamic structure known as the Mereon Matrix: the first is the DiaBLOGue, the art of words; and the second is the Gallery Inspiritos, artistic creations that continue to be birthed in her exploration of this Love Knot; and the third is through a gate of silence. Each invites you in, offering an opportunity to engage with colour and form. What happens is sometimes inexplicable; imagine... what if your spirit was able to hear and reform and expand within your being to the point of becoming visible?

We hope you'll make Inspiritos Gallery a place to revisit whenever you need a safe and quiet space when your heart needs to be illumined, your thoughts uplifted, and your spirit inspired. All images are available even though they may not yet be in the shoppe. Please connect via email to inqiure. The Gallery will be in a state of contiunual change, a demonstration of how life grows and evolves in Time. We invite you to subscribe to "A DiaBLOGue", our blog, for regular updates! And prints are available in the Shop.