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All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Pablo Picasso

For more than 20 years, art has been my way to bring the inaudible and the invisible to light. Creativity for me is the most powerful means to express that which is universal, my way of colouring the cosmic Muses to bring Music to life as a Symphony as Consciousness finds its way into form.

Daring to paint having long considered myself a dilletant as I use my fingers as much as a brush (only recently learning that this is not a 'bad' thing) inexplicably facilitates a sense of self-understanding and self-forgiveness that leads to a deep sense of calm, a feeling that brings deep healing.

Looking through the lens of my camera has long been my favourite way to wander in Nature, lost in a dream state or daydream. The theft of my equipment in January 2015 has had me doing emotionally braille, but has sent me deeper into painting as a way to pave a path towards remembrance. Non-attachment to an outcome is what fuels inspiration, and leads to joyous awe as I never know where a piece is going. In every way this is like life;every stoke leading to a new door as curiosity lets me open it, while the desire to experience renewal carries --and sometimes drop kicks-- me over the threshold.

Creating and Co-creating leads me time and again to that dynamic still point where the reunion of heart and hand utterly erases the need for approval. So freed, painting allows me to play until my heart is content.

Life is like art, a blank canvas to be approached as ‘Plan Be’ —not an assumption in sight. Gesso and white paint are my best ‘friends’, because they mean there’s no such thing as a mistake!

Creating is the the most lovely way to exercise my spirit and excise the demon-like voices that sometimes attack my heart, whispering “You’re not good enough.” So it is that art is an engagement with my inner child, and when this piece of me get's playtime, Time runs away because thinking (judgement) surrenders and my hand moves.

Why do I paint? For the same reason I write everyday (see the Dia.BLOG.ue on this site); for the well-being of my soul, and to constantly remind myself that I am not dying of terminal uniqueness! Never the less, it always amazes me that others appreciate my high play with form and colour. My hope is that you will appreciate only that this is my way of making chaos and turning it into an expression of harmony. However, the real miracle for me is how time and again creating proves to be a powerful antidote to the viruses of chaos, doubt, loneliness and fear.

Still in progress....
"In my Mother's Garden"
 September 2015