Harmonics in the Universe

Musician Clay Taylor, a man passionate about geometry and did this investigation writes:

"In analysing the Mereon Prime frequency, the nested 5-fold geometries are distinguished in all of their glory, a harmonic solution of supreme elegance. Consistent with 5-fold geometry, the image is awash in phi ratios. However, beyond this golden ratio the square roots of 2 and 3, important geometric constants in their own right, are also harmonically present. To add to what is already a miracle of a harmonic patterning, the video reveals many of the primary musical ratios including: the perfect fifth; the minor third; and the major 6th; the major 3rd and minor 6th; the minor 2nd and major 7th; and of course the octave.

This may be 100% musician talk, but they correspond to some of the primary musical relationships used to compose the music we listen to daily."