Spinning geometry twists and turns to tie the simple knot

As single concept, the Pattern, the Mereon Matrix has been under scientific investigation since 1995.

Max Planck once said that ‘Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: “Ye must have faith.”

This quote states a paradox with regard to the investigation into the Mereon Matrix. While our greatest joy is being allowed into the ‘temple of science’, we find ‘faith’ to be a mere shadow of a state far more powerful.

Over decades of work what has sustained us are the scientific principles of doubt and knowledge, letting the Mereon Matrix speak for itself. Through multiple challenges, the predictions have supported and confirmed the theory.

At the centre of Understanding there resides one word: perspective. In its presence we are released from the darkness of ignorance and bias as hidden truth is revealed and illumined. Think about it: If you were to conduct a man-on-the-street interview and ask respondents ‘Where do you go for answers to resolve moral and ethical dilemmas’, few are likely to answer, ‘To science, of course.’ It is generally believed that science describes the properties, characteristics and forces underlying the fundamental nature of ‘what is’, and that moral and ethical questions require a ‘higher’ source.

The Mereon Matrix requires that we question the veracity of these assumptions.

Most think of life as coming from life. However there is no doubt about it: a living system is a development from non-life.

The ontological scientific conclusion is this; since ethical and moral questions apply to human life, the commonly held belief that there is a need for a ‘greater authority’ is erroneous. It is with intent that art based on the geometry of the Mereon Matrix is interspersed with images of the Matrix herself. In 2003, a physicist from Harvard asked us to refer to the Mereon Matrix thus for because we observe as she breathes and births!

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