A Universal Foundation & A Cardinal Law

By Lynnclaire Dennis

Nechung Kunten

Lynnclaire Dennis with the Venerable Thupten Ngodrup, the Nechung Kuten
and a young rimpoche, Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling, Hawaii 1994

The appearance of this Matrix in the world is a demonstration of grace. In 1994, Nechung Kunten, Dharma Protector and the Chief Tibetan Oracle, called it a gem, a treasure that had been revealed and sent me into the world of science.

Once I arrived and was invited through doors I never imagined would open to me, more than one individual expressed that this Matrix was a gift that humanity does not deserve.

The latter is a suggestion that I continue to respectfully protest with every fibre of my being.

Humanity has a long bad habit of showing up on a scene to pull up or blow up the roots of existence. All too often, it’s done in the name of science, good or ‘God’. It is inexcusable for anyone destroy what Is, and worse to attempt to justify, rationalise or spiritualise their way out of such insanity.

This article presents a new perspective on what’s necessary to identify points in common among differing factions. Only thus can we begin to construct the simple blocks of genuine understanding that let us rebuild our world. This means that we open our hearts, brains and the gates to take down the walls and fences that we’ve built because of our misunderstanding.

On That Day we will find ourselves standing in the open field where unity grows because of a remarkable diversity. This is where ideas will spark and when they are bellowed by the breath of deep dialogue, a Grassroots Fire of Compassion will ignite. It will be far more than a ‘movement’ for such a fire burns underground and it cannot be extinguished. Better still is that no one can predict when or where these flames of renewal will break free.

Genuine understanding transforms our lives because it frees us to move off the altar or otherwise alter our position.

The renewal of perspective is essential to responses that prove wise over time. Transformation requires that we purposefully illumine dark spaces to uncover lies and secrets that have been employed to mystify freedom’s simple truth. The Mereon Matrix is helping us demystify the conundrums generated by a few who use confusion, doubt and all manner of belief to manipulate the masses.

Gertrude Stein was onto something when she said “A rose is a rose is a rose.” Human life and every type of system are interconnected, nestled as a whole within a System of systems. The only way to affect meaningful and lasting change in the world, a relationship, an organisation, a political party and the environment is to change the only thing you can, you.

The word ‘catholic’ is a verb, an active principle that indicates the universal connection. The Mereon Matrix is about unity, perspective and paradox [Elsevier 2013 Dennis et al], and reveals knowledge regarding a nexus that links Time and Space; it’s a bridge that unites life and death; it links humanity with the core of creation; and as a yoke of light it has the strength to bond us heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.

This scientific discovery [Elsevier 2013] was not the result of anyone looking for it. Unable to be attributable to a human as a clever invention, it is leading to a new to understanding as it deepens our awareness of ‘what is’. Its power as a spiritual technology of mindfulness makes it a remarkable tool for social innovation and transformation. After more than two decades of scientific investigation, while no one can say ‘what’ the Mereon Matrix is or give an account of its genesis, it is shedding light on a common taproot that may help us understand our existence and indeed, evolve and endure. Self-understanding and comprehending the interconnections that we share with one another and Mother Nature is the only way the human race will do what they must: resign from greediness that leads to neediness.

It’s time to abandon all the ‘rat races’ and weapons that threaten to make us next in the long and fast growing list of endangered species. Turning the barrel of a gun into a knot isn’t good enough. It’s time to melt the metal down and turn them into plough sheers.

Finding ReSoulutions in the appearance of Chaos

“Beauty is the beginning and end of all true knowledge: to know anything, one must first love, and having known one must finally delight; only this corresponds to the trinitarian love and delight that creates.”          David Bentley Hart, the Beauty of the Infinite

A cultural paradox is resolved in the exploration of the cubic nature of the Mereon Matrix. By using this knowledge as a foundation for true dialogue, true spiritual leaders can issue a call for humans to identify the common seed that was planted in what is an exceptional shared ground. The Pattern offers an opportunity to engage in a discourse of unity, sharing what ‘is’ rather than continuing the struggle to own a piece of land or fighting a war to control what’s under it. This dynamic frame work offers a means to issue an invitation for individuals and groups to come together to resolve tension by first honouring diversity.

True learning comes from people whose perspectives are different from ours. How often do you discover something new from those who are ‘like-minded’ or ‘like-hearted’? Only when fists are unclenched is it safe to unplug our ears and our eyes begin to open. When mouths close and hearts crack one is able to stay at the table long enough to see a new perspective, connect the dots and begin to see a way towards renewal.

Innovative solutions are sourced and built using a shared logic. That this can occur using the knowledge that quite literally underscores the meaning of the word ‘religion’ is can help us discover the true meaning of ‘miracle’. The word religion finds its root in the Latin verb ligo, meaning to tie, to make a secure connect. In its root we also find the words ‘yoga’, ‘yoke’ and ‘knot’. The following is a unique perspective of Judeo-Christianity and Islam’s common root. Points are identified as in common are based on a relationship to the Cube, highlighting concepts that are unfamiliar to far too many.

At the Heart of Sacred

Many philosophies, ancient and modern, regard geometry as ‘sacred’. In terms of the Mereon Matrix it has been of utmost import to address this as so many diverse cultures and ancient wisdom traditions use geometry to designate meaning. In embracing the realm of spirit, we define it to be: “The act of number unfolding in space; those points of agreement that are individually and collectively based on values both meaningful and measurable; noble actions that include and yet transcend any singular definition of faith.” Sacred is thus the good that we do, that which is audible and visible.

Early languages are embedded with meaning, reason and logic found in every letter of every word. A letter was also further weighted in significance by its numerical value. This article uses a remarkably simple chart put together by Stan Tenen of The Meru Foundation in which he compares the Arabic and Hebrew languages. He identifies points in common and ascribes a universal meaning. The Arabic definitions are those of Geoges Ifrah, a French historian whose focus is mathematics.

My exploration began with the name Abraham, the Patriarch of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The foundation of all three religions is set in a quintessentially cubic world, anchored in the man known as אַבְרָהָם to Jews, Abraham to early and modern Christians, and Ibrāhīm, إبراهيم‎ to Muslims. Using the Mereon Matrix, let us consider how diverse perspectives are honoured as we awaken to the realisation that the bond exceeds what is embodied in an exceptional human.

Judeo Christianity

Israel derives its name from his grandson, Jacob, the Third Patriarch who is said to have ‘wrestled with an angel’, whereas his Grandfather only had an encounter with one. The first part of the name is derived from the verb lisrot, לִשְׂרות, meaning ‘to wrestle, to work’; and the second half, ‘El’, אֵל, is the Hebrew name for God. Israel can thus be considered a place where ‘those who are born or are called strive to understand and know the Divine’. A secular Jew might articulate their inheritance as leading them ‘to strive in life to know and do good work’.

Looking at the lineage between Abraham and the naming of a land, we meet Second Patriarch, Isaac, Yitzhak, whose name means ‘one who laughs’; and Jacob’s mother, the second Matriarch Rebecca, Rivka, whose name means ‘to bind’. Thinking of the meaning of the name Yitzhak as someone ‘who knows joy and laughs’ is serious considering that this is the name given to the son Abraham tied to the altar, the child he was prepared to sacrifice if God would only command him to do so.

But God didn’t show up or speak. Instead, an angel appeared, and recognising that his love of the divine exceeded life itself, instructed him to untie his son and sacrifice a ram.

Three Points in Time and Forever

Jews are called to pray three times a day while facing towards Jerusalem, the original site of the Temple. The eastern wall of a synagogue is reserved for the rabbi with the congregation facing west. Most Jewish homes have a mizrach, a wall plaque that is placed upon an eastern wall as a ‘pointed’ reminder to pray.

Christians are called to “Pray without ceasing”. Short of dedicating one’s every waking moment to intentional prayer, a calling to which some are indeed called, I can only interpret this admonition to mean ‘to actively live in the flow of light and allow love to ride every breath, catalysing a pure intent that leads to compassion in tone and word, and correct action.’

Five Books, Ten Commandments

The first five books of the Tanakh are called the Torah. Meaning “instruction” and “teaching” these five books comprise a singular concept that is central to the life of every observant Jew and meaningful to those who are secular. According to the interpretation of the ancient text, the Torah was created prior to the creation of the world, and was used as the blueprint for Creation. The Torah is the divine calling one into being, inviting one to embrace life with all its joy, trials and tribulations. It is a call to celebrate a ligature with the divine by through the active principles as embodied in a set of moral, civil and religious laws known as Halakah. The Hebrew name of each book is taken from the first phrase in each: 1) Genesis is Bereshit, ‘in the beginning’; this is the first sound heard to arise from the silence; 2) Exodus is Shemot which means ‘To name’; 3) the third book is Leviticus is Vayikra, taken from the first phrase ‘To be called’; 4) Numbers, the fourth book, is Bamidbar meaning ‘In the desert’; and 5) the fifth book, Deuteronomy, is Devarim, meaning ‘Words’, this, the second word, and the first distinctive word. There is no need to explain the Ten Commandments, also known as a Decalogue. These moral laws are known to most as a standard of ethics that are related to what must be done to ‘know God’.

The Name   

Abraham made the connection, a covenant, that binds the Jewish people with the Divine.

Taking the parts of his name, אַבְרָהָם, and considering the meaning of each letter, using the Tenen/Ifrah charts, the following is found:

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is silent and has a numerical value of 1. It means ‘Master’ which again is designated in a larger context by Tenen as ‘All Consciousness’;

Bet is B, the second letter with a mathematical value of 2. It means ‘in’, ‘House’, and ‘to receive’;

Resh is R, the 20th letter it multiplies the Bet ten-fold having a mathematical value of 200, its meaning is ‘head’, again, a universal place of Radiance according to Tenen;

He is H, the fifth letter and has a value of 5. Its meaning is ‘window’ and is considered by Tenen to be related to a universal ‘connection’; and finally,

Mem is M, the 13th letter that has value of 40 and means ‘Water’ that in terms of Meru meaning is connected to ‘Source’.

Name as Number

The Hebrew language also assigns a numerical value to every letter; in this case it is 1 + 2 + 200 + 8 + 40 to a total of 251. This is the 64th prime number. Its significance is further revealed in mathematics. The sum of three consecutive primes, 79 + 83 + 89 is 251. The sum of seven consecutive primes, 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47 is also 251. Furthermore, 251 is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of three cubes in two ways: 13 + 53 + 53 and 23 + 33 + 63.

Meaning in Name + Number

Considering the meaning found in the name אַבְרָהָם, it can be poetically articulated as; “From the silence a House is built ready to receive. Its roof is open, a window of joy through which the strand of connection and water, the medium of life, freely flow.” In Gemantria, the linking of letter and numbers, the number 251 is related to the phrases, “The Lord is exalted’, and ‘Founded in God”, and refers as well to ‘a mountain’. It is particularly interesting to note that all religions and creation myths have a mountain. The Temple Mount is sacred to Jews and Christians as the place where Abraham is said to have built the altar on which he was willing to sacrifice his Isaac. Its Hebrew name is Har haBáyit, ‘The House on the Mountain’.

The Cube

CH 6 Figure 56 the Kaabalistic Tree of life and the Cubic lattice.jpg

The core of the mystical aspects of Judaism is the Kabala, the ancient wisdom that is considered so profound that one is not allowed to study it until the age of forty. The word literally means receiving and is derived directly from the word for Cube. Again, for those looking to consider the depth of this work let me refer you the Mereon Matrix, Elsevier 2013, and the work of Stan Tenen and the Meru Foundation.

‘The Tree of Life’ is the commonly known descriptive expression for the symbol shown in a) Error! Reference source not found.. This tree diagram represents the esoteric mysteries of the Jewish faith that are the heart of Judaism, the knowledge of the Kabbalah whose name shares a common root with the Ka’ba; Cube; and Ka’aba, meaning ‘fullness’. Images b) and c) reveal that the connection is far more than in name. In the Cube they share a common ground that links heaven and earth, human and divine.

These images reveal that this powerful symbol is simply one branch on the Tree given that the Mereon Matrix reveals 11 Cubes in the entire system.

In b) and c) the ‘Sephiroth’ are lifted from circles, 2D, to 3D spheres. When placed on the cube it is clear that the ten attributes or emanations through which all is created or manifests in the Jewish tradition are defined by this structure. At the centre volume sits the eleventh and invisible sphere, the Da’at that is the realm of ‘Knowledge’ where all knowledge and information flows into a single point of union where it is said to define the space of synthesis; where the right and left brain meet; the place where intuitive wisdom is combined with analytical understanding. However, what is particularly meaningful in the context of the Mereon Matrix is this: only three of the Sephiroth fit on the vertices of the Cube, this again, the symbol of physical manifestation. They are;

Keter, ‘Crown’ is the 1st Sephiroth; colourless and invisible it represents the Ineffable, the Source so sublime that it is incomprehensible to man

Tiferet, ‘Beauty’, is the 6th Sephiroth and indicates a place of beauty that is filled and overflowing with light; and incredibly,

Malkuth, the 10th Sephiroth, translated as the ‘Kingdom’, means ‘the Bride’

The connection of these points can be stated as: ‘Beside the Ineffable, the Bride appears, her radiant light illuminating the beauty of that which was invisible, her song heard by all who come to celebrate with joy.”

Clearly, more than one ‘Tree of Life’ fits on a single Cube. At least three are required to cover all eight corners. The overlapping Sephiroth exponentially increase the strength and power as each arises from the Da’at, the 11th and unseen Source. This can be considered the ‘divine seed’ that occupies the Core at the centre of all life, the impetus that moves the breath and heart of every human being.


Compassion is refuelled and re-sourced from this inner space where the pulse of life is reenergised. That which is ‘divine’ is realised in the strength and wisdom that flows as light when sound transforms into beauty and radiates into the world through acts of loving kindness. In this illustration you see the Cube unfolding to reveal how by removing one face the cross transforms into a Cup that is able to overflow. Open the centre and the cube becomes a channel through which the knowledge of love can flow into the world. It is in the latter that the very heart of Christianity’s message. ‘Christos’, like Buddha, means ‘to anoint with light’, both are titles given to those because of how they lived and loved unconditionally.


The word ‘Islam’ is derived from the Arabic root salema, which means peace, purity, and surrender. The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who submits to God’.

A spiritual awakening at the age of 40 led Mohammad to be declared a prophet of God. Founder of Islam, Muslims today consider him the last prophet. While acknowledging Ibrāhīm as his Patriarch, Mohammad separated Islam from Judaism’s Abrahamic belief of submission to God as it is written in the Jewish Torah where this doctrine is rooted in Abraham’s willingness to kill his son Isaac if God so commanded. Mohammad turned this from an act of blind obedience to take another life into a willingness to take one’s own life, self-sacrifice the ultimate act. Islamic fundamentalists use this as the foundation for the type of Jihād that we are most familiar with today, the religious justification for martyrdom. There are actually five types, and it is important to consider the following quote from the Qur’an, Chapter 2, verse 190, where the Prophet presents what can only be considered a higher Jihād when he tells his followers; “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors.”

Ibrāhīm by the Numbers

I is alif: the first letter, it is equivalent to ‘A’; its value is 1: and Ifrah confirms that it means Allah. Tenen put this into a larger context and describes it as ‘ALL’ with a further reference to ‘Consciousness’.

B isba: its value is 2, and according to Ifrah, it means ‘He who remains’. Another scholarly perspective of the ba is that it is ‘the key to heaven; that everything is created from a dot and the dot under the letter ba represents the start of creation’. Universal meaning as interpreted by Tenen is ‘House’.

R is ra: its value is 200; and it means ‘Rabb’ translated as ‘Lord’ by Ifrah. Its deeper meaning is ‘a Master who cherishes and sustains’. Tenen translates this into a universal matrix of meaning as ‘Radiance’.

H is he, its value is 8 and according to Ifrah it means ‘Guide’ to Allah. Again, in Tenen’s larger context this is defined as ‘Connection’.

M is mim: its value is 40 and while Ifrah translates this as ‘King’, Tenen attributes it with a universal meaning of ‘Source’.

Cubic and Numeric Valuing

The numerical value of Ibrahim, إبراهيم is 251, the 64th prime number. Its significance is further revealed in mathematics. The sum of three consecutive primes, 79 + 83 + 89 is 251. The sum of seven consecutive primes, 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47 is also 251. Furthermore, 251 is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of three cubes in two ways: 13 + 53 + 53 and 23 + 33 + 63.

Linking the letters and value of the numbers, the number 251 is related to the phrases, “The Lord is exalted’, and ‘Founded in God”, and refers as well to ‘a mountain’. It is particularly interesting to note that all religions and creation myths have a mountain. Here it is the Temple Mount, the place where Abraham is said to have built the altar on which he was willing to sacrifice his Isaac. Sacred to all three major religions, in Arabic it is Haram al-Sharif, ‘noble sanctuary’.

Linking Name with Number

Putting this into a continuous thought, one might poetically say; “Ibrāhīm was a messenger whose words echo to all carrying a message of divine Consciousness that issues from the Source, the master of creation. His message is that there remains within the heart of every being a seed that is only divisible by itself and thus cannot be separated from the One for it is a whole spark of the Divine that cherishes and sustains all life through the light of connection that Creation established between life and itself.”

5 and 5 + 5

Muslims in every corner of the world turn five times a day to pray towards Mecca. Five is also the number of the foundational tenets of Islam, the Five Pillars of the Faith: 1) Shahadah: declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God's Messenger; 2) Salat, ritual prayer five times a day; 3) Sawm, fasting and self-control during the blessed month of Ramadan; 4) Zakat, giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy; and 5) Hajj, to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime if they are able to do.

In Shia Islam this number doubles, Furū al-Dīn, The Ten Ancillaries of the Faith, ten practices that must be performed. They are: 6) Jihād, to struggle to please God; 7) Amr-Bil-Ma'rūf, to enjoin with what is good; 8) Nahi-Anil-Munkar, to forbid what is evil; 9) Tawalla, to express love towards that which is Good, all who desire truth, righteous people and are supporters of truth and justice; and 10) Tabarra, to live in disassociation from evil.

Consider the Cube

Like numbers many forms are as hidden in spiritual traditions as they are obvious in Islam. At the heart of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, stands the Kaaba. It is surrounded by the spectacularly beautiful Al-Masjid al-Haram, the most sacred mosque in Islam. Every Muslim strives to make at least one pilgrimage during their lifetime to the place that their faith asserts to be the centre of the world.

Translated literally, Kaaba means ‘cube’, the eight corners of the Kaaba roughly point toward the four cardinal directions of the compass. Four lift to heaven and four are anchored on Earth. It is aligned with the rising of the star Canopus and aligns approximately with the sunrise of summer solstice and the winter solstice’s sunset. The original Kaaba, a structure wrapped in mystery that is now shrouded by Time, is believed to have been built by Sayyidna Ibrahim.

In generosity and helping others be like river,
In compassion and grace be like sun,
In concealing others' faults be like night,
In anger and fury be like dead,
In modesty and humility be like earth,
In tolerance be like sea,
Either exist as you are or be as you look.

Muhammad (570 - 632)

A ReGenesis: An Age of InLightenment

Ancient ancestral seeds of distrust have long been sown and have grown suspicions over time that have been cross-fertilised by dogma, assumption and cynicism. They have led to thickets of social and moral tangles that caused war and continue to make resolving matters of substance a thorny process at best. For all of these reasons, it’s seldom that parties with divergent perspectives are able to see clearly and make their way together towards higher ground. Creating conditions for a ‘peak’ experience, where discovering a shared perspective opens hearts and minds must be our mandate. Only then can we engage in dialogue and discover the space where genuine understanding is resourced.

Madeleine Albright, former United States Secretary of State addressed the media about the seemingly endless stream of war going on the world over. She admitted that many US citizens don’t have a clue where some of these countries are and summed up the ‘state of the world in five words: “…the world is a mess.”

The state of your life is reflected as the state of the world. The health and well-being of every system is at peril due to the adversarial attitudes and the actions of warring perspectives.

True dialogue begins by identifying new seeds and carrying them to a new perspective to determine how and where to plant them. Connections are made as perceptions shift, and what was previously invisible becomes visible. When there is an agreement to move towards resolution based on shared values, and with true humility to actively believe the ‘best’ of each other, the unity of mind and heart begin to weed out the roots of divisiveness. Climbing out of long entrenched positions and filling them expands the garden, and in making room for new growth, diversity is honoured and unity is celebrated.

The renewal of perspective leads to mutually beneficial visions that are ‘inpowered’ for positive outcomes. Transformation begins when we willingly find accord and agree to grow in a new direction. Yes, it requires lightening up! The fastest way for this to happen is to put down the old and heavy baggage so many of us lug around. Doing so immediately lifts the heart and enables the mind and spirit to see beyond the fragile hope for peace and all its laboured expectations.

Discovering the source of compassion is one thing; but pulling out your cup and willingly drinking from it is another. When enough have the courage to do so, the bottom falls out of fear and we create a channel through which wisdom can flow. In doing so, true and defensible growth begins that is sourced in wisdom, this, the extraordinary constituent that is essential to sustain continued interaction and judicious actions.

It’s time for individuals of courage, those with truly good hearts, to willingly come together. It’s time for coherence between personal morals and values and a noble global ethos. Restorations begins when the empyrean Love that seeded all creation sprouts anew, when the unity that occurs through diversity is realised by the human heart and accepted by the brain.

Dancing with Arc Angles on the Point of a New Perspective

Internal unity is the key that unlocks the mysteries and unleashes the harmony that is possible in human relationships. It’s time for everyone to accept that the resources necessary for human life on planet Earth have expiration dates and to realise that not one of us is exempt from ‘downsizing’ or extinction. The quality of life is compromised by the degree of disorder in our inner worlds as sooner than later what is going on inside plays out in ‘real time’ and impacts our relationships and the environment. The first step towards peace of mind and the unimaginable, Peace on Earth, is to reconcile our inner and outer lives. Doing so allows us to consciously co-create conditions where we can continuously innovate and renovate our lives. Only then can we work together to build a mutually enjoyable life where benefits extend beyond the visible boundaries of a realationship.

While our life, home and planet are exposed to astronomical events, our greatest vulnerability comes from ‘inside jobs’. The worst are the consequences of decisions that we take without making time to sufficiently consider. So it is we fail to expose the pitfalls, potholes, boulders blocking the path and thus we miss the inevitable outcomes.

Humanity’s greatest peril exists in the simple fact that what we do to ourselves we do to the world. If the actions of the greedy few are allowed to continue, and the world’s masses are forced to live in a state of chronic subsistence, humanity is accelerating on the fast track to extinction. Endurance, survival, demands and depends upon our willingness to encourage and embrace evolutionary transformation.

Co-operation and Competence

Years ago, an economist evaluated the Mereon Matrix as a tool for economic transformation. His investigation led to one word: Flawless’ ‘. But this assessment was followed by the declaration that the world would have to fall apart for humans to willingly rebuild it with this template. That day came and never left.

The Nash Equilibrium is the heart of every business model: simply said, it’s ‘know your competition’s strategy and use it against them’. Bottom line: lie, steal, cheat; take no prisoners and win at any cost. Have you ever heard that before?

The Mereon Matrix models a simpler and far more effective, saying: come together based on a unitive vision and shared values; identify the diverse competences, and then cooperate. Bottom line: resources are regenerated; everyone wins and everyone benefits.

How we pollute and poison our inner worlds and our relationships is directly related to the way we are allowing pesticides, unfiltered diesel, lethal airborne particulates and chemical spills to wreak havoc on the health and wellness humanity and the planet.

A Collective Pirouette at the Razor’s Edge   

In his 2010 book ‘The Tipping Point’, Malcolm Gladwell introduced the lay world to a scientific concept explaining how when something that was once thought of as unlikely or rare, actually happens and causes a cascade of unpredictable and irreversible changes. Events that were once thought to be random are quickly becoming normal as the catastrophic droughts, fires and storms occur on a regular basis.

Nature and scientific understanding are both at the edge of unimaginable tipping points. One thing is certain: the only way to endure is to catalyse a turning point in our social dynamics. The Mereon Matrix is a framework that offers us a logical way to meaningfully begin to heal our lives and our relationships in order to take the next step on the journey towards human evolution. A path towards true progress, it eradicates stalemates and compromises by requiring that we question our intent and motives. It means that we make a clear statement of our vision and our values and remember where our actions have taken us in the past before we take action. When participants in a system, a relationship, a family, a classroom, a business or community members at large, embrace positive change they become social architects. They discover how when energy, materials and resources are not equally distributed, the entire system is at risk.

Nuclear disasters like the one at Fukishima are horrifying examples of how the consequences of a local event extend to undermine Nature’s global infrastructure. Far more terrifying than the threat of nuclear disaster is the devastation that is intentionally being ignited by human greed.

What will it take for those whose minds and hearts are locked to open to consider a new perspective?

What will it take to unclench a fist and release the need to be right?

What will it take to understand that a perceived right to control, manipulate or legislate a single path to ‘good’ or God is the road to perdition?

Earth is the Mother of us all. We are the result of her evolutionary journey. Every one of us carries her history and the future, our story shared because the energetic interconnection between us is not one-way. Today our words and actions are imprinting the planet in ways that are not yet fully visible but they will certainly be readable in hind sight.

The knowledge inherent within the Mereon Matrix leads to understanding by way of a sequential methodology that allows us to transcend hopelessness. It shows us how to begin to make wise use of the most precious and limited resource we have, our time. The first requirement involves you answering one question; Do you have the courage to live your life? If you are, and have the willingness to do what must be done, what we can accomplish together is credible. By harnessing the power of human will we can remember our passed errors and in light of the current moment clearly anticipate the future as we respond. This dynamic knowledge lets us respire the spirit of human conscience and consciously co-create the richly textured Potential that arises when we dare to cooperate and flow with the light into the universal field of Consciousness.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.                  St. Francis of Assisi  

I remind you again that where there is Love, fear dissolves and the willingness to ask for help and/or offer assistance arises.

The depth of one’s denial is proof of ignorance. The insistence that knowledge doesn’t apply to them is further evidence of arrogance. We cannot afford to ignore issues and continue the path of destruction insist that the consequences in the present or future are our concern.

The Future is upon us.

What will be the legacy that we pass to the Children?