The Calculus of Abundance: Source &  resourcing

Are you ready to joyously dance in your sphere of influence?

The rewards of conscious cooperation are incalculable. The Mereon Matrix is a calculus of abundance, overflow based on humans acting in good conscience as they harmonise with the Field of Consciousness. In light of the global risks we currently face due to immoral and unsustainable social, egonomic and political systems to ignore such knowledge is unconscionable.

The following links take you to dialogues where the implications of this work are explored, each one offering a unique perspective.

Science is the investigation of a natural system. It is the foundation for comprehending and understanding all life and life-like systems, relationships and organisations we build.

Stasis is not a characteristic of a vibrant system, living or life-like.

The rules of the Mereon Matrix make it clear that energy, materials and resources of all kinds, are equally distributed within a heathy system. If one part of a system suffers, the entire system is at risk. The ecosystem of the aged Earth is held in an exquisitely delicate balance, and humanity is shuddering with deep shifts in its equilibrium.

It is time to individually and collectively become positive and proactive allies, changing our attitudes and actions to keep our end of the reasonable and tacit agreement with Gaia. We are guardians who have been charged with a sacred duty: to care for the ‘living Earth’ and to our children and our children’s children.

 Louis Kauffman and Lynnclaire Dennis with
Eldon Taylor  

Lynnclaire Dennis with
Karen Elkins 

 Lynnclaire Dennis with
Lisa Maroski