Knot-thing & Knot Difference

Transformation requires surrendering every need to be right. If you don't like what 'is' then the only way to change things is to get involved. As long as you stand outside of the situation and judge it, it will look chaotic and 'different'. Flowing on the Love Knot is the path beyond hope.

This page marks a 7th stop on one perspective, making it clear how many symbols emerge from one dynamic knot. Again, all of these six images are of the same thing: The Mereon Trefoil knot, originally known simply as 'The Pattern'. Remember that they are static perspectives observed from different external points of view.

These images reveal the importance of perspective, and make it clear that if this is the fundamental strand that weaves the tapestry of creation, nothing is different; there is only difference based upon time, space and perspective, and most importantly whether you are looking at a system or participating in it.

How often are you willing to open your heart
to consciously reconsider a new perspective?

How often have you locked yourself into a position
and then complained about being held hostage?

How often has the need to hold on
to the illusion of control led to a fistfight,
a battle that you and all other participants lost?

What gets in the way of you
experiencing true freedom?

Do you long to grow with the flow?