A New language of Meaning & Measure

The patterns generated by the CymaScope instrument have been praised for their beauty since the first cyma-glyph appeared.

However, in 2012 the symmetrical elegance that it generates was realised to convey knowledge and meaning. That the Pattern, The Mereon Matrix, is generated is another story altogether.

yin yang

"Knowing there's this interconnectedness of the universe, that we're all interconnected and that we are connected to the universe at its fundamental level, I think this is as good an explanation for spirituality as there is."

Dr. Stuart Hameroff, MD, Professor of Consciousness, University of Arizona, USA

Matter is geometry in motion. The building blocks of matter, whether gas, liquid, solid or plasma, consist of vibrating atoms and / or molecules. Mother Nature assembled her building blocks making sure that harmony exists at all levels, even when there is overlap. When orbital paths cross, vertices become evident and when these points are connected by straight lines, Euclidean geometry becomes apparent as virtual geometric structures interacting with space and time. Just as the microscope and telescope brought unseen vistas into clear view, the CymaScope has begun to reveal the once hidden patterning of sound. By opening a window into the heart of vibrations in water, it transcribes the periodicities inherent in a given sound to periodic wavelets on the surface in the visualising cell, and sub-surface. Our investigations have led to the realisation that the structures created by the sound's imprint on water are quasi-3D. As such they may be considered analogs of the vibrational data within the sound. In a sense the images represent a slice through the spherical propagation of that particular sound. Since the CymaScope uses water of a few millimetres depth, straight line measurements within the imagery approximate the gentle arcs in the dynamics, revealing ratios that can be used to create 3D geometric models. In general, single frequency sounds create simple imagery while complex sounds, such as music, create complex imagery. The Mereon Matrix Prime Frequency is unique: a single sinusoidal frequency exhibits complex geometry that is 'breathing' but there is also the simplicity of the torus that is defined by the Mereon Trefoil.