Lifting the Veil on Our Interconnection

Effervescence: By Lynnclaire Dennis

Elegant arcs within a sphere... simple bubbles giving rise to complex beauty as the Mereon Rule of Pattern is applied.

Stanislav Grof reminded us of a fact that most don't know or have forgotten. It's also possible that someone pushed the delete button so we wouldn't know. It's this: "The original and literal meaning of the term 'apocalypse' is not destruction but 'lifting of the veil' or 'revelation'. It referred to the disclosure of secrets, hidden from the majority of humanity, to certain privileged persons."

Everything is made of stardust, energy that was long ago emitted by a gigantic cosmic sparkler. All matter: you, a toad and the pond scum it swims in; a dirt-rimed rock; and a flawless diamond arose from the ‘no-thing-ness’ that pervades the universe. What makes you and everything else unique is the difference in how this luminous energy was stirred into life.