What are the implications of a Pattern that connects us with that which has disappeared, with all that is, and with what is yet to be? How is it that the inaudible allows us to see what is invisible?

Look carefully and you see that there is a common pattern that appears throughout nature. What is astonishing is how the patterning in the Mereon Matrix scales to connect the largest systems in the universe with the infinitesimal.

The Mereon Matrix is an example of living ‘inside-out’. Its unity enables us to reform our reason for living and revise our understanding of spirituality. It connect body and spirit in a singular creative process that links the terms ‘love’, ‘God’ and ‘good’. Years ago Lynnclaire Dennis called this trinary union, “GoddEssence”; it was a linquistic means to merge the concepts implicit in the words ‘God’, ‘Goddess’ and ‘Essence’.

Good is realised inside and out when conscience is translated as the inner-personal synchronising with the external and the Eternal; the field of Consciousness holding the Universal Mind, the non-local abode of Source and Soul; the natural and enduring operating System that permits us to endure and evolve.