Are you one of the many who assert, with more than a modicum of self-righteousness, the idea that ‘It’s better to give than to receive’?

After much consideration, it seems clear that this notion is an existential lie for when you give and give and give, and nothing is returned, depletion leads to a level of exhaustion that places your body, mind, heart and spirit at risk. It is the cause of behaviours that place your entire life on, or over, the bleeding edge that takes you into wholesale ‘bankruptcy’ or worse.

If you could discover or uncover one realisation from this website and this knowledge was indelibly inscribed on your heart how might it shift your attitude?

Our desire is that it would be a transformative thought that leads to positive action. That this knowledge was able to help you clarify your Purpose and live authentically from noble values that persuade you to make a positive difference in the world.

Your ability to serve is directly connected to understanding that you deserve. Carefully consider what you are willing to say "Yes" to today.

How might your life change if you no longer confused an internal inferno set by someone else with light?