ReVisioning your LifeCourse


Compassion and liberation are your lifelong tasks. 

Inner Qualities & Quality of Life

Freedom is recognising those causes that are worth caring about; it's innovating for solutions that are grounded in moral integrity; it's co-creating potential that is meaningful and measurable; and playing where there is parity in qualitative and quantitative.When you realise that you are the only person you can change or heal, the miracle you discovering 'inpowerment'. These are the actions that define sacred.

Deep within your being is a silent space where still waters flow. This is the place of remembrance where what is opens and anticipation grows. It is the only place where you will ever find the key that fits the locks that have long bound your spirit. Here, in this quiet space true insight opens and true 'inlightenment' occurs time and time again. It's in this place that you free yourself to once again experience the sacred by living what is true and wholly authentic to you. Self-care and compassion 'inables' you to become caring, and let you respond to those you love as your attend to every responsibility to the best of your abilities. To explore these thoughts we invite you to take a few moments to read: