ReConsidering that which is sacred

"The Fountain of You" exists deep within your being. It is the wellspring of freedom, the sacred space in which self-knowledge grows. It shapes mindfulness and provides the catalytic flow for conscious and correct action. Its flowing elixir quickens your heart and infuses your mind and spirit and empowers the knowledge necessary for every new decision. Self-understanding allows you to comprehend retrospectively and fully exist in the moment while anticipating the future. When you consciously contemplate the ‘passed’ and anticipate, living in the moment while courageously create the future as you willingly grow in the current of Time.

We hope this gallery will inspire you and give you a chance to pause and reconsider that which is sacred.

We intend this to be a growing gallery. Remember that you can click on an image to enlarge and sometimes you'll find a word or thought!

If you'd like to have us consider an image that reflects what sacred means to you, please connect with us!