Science & Spirit: A Matrix of Mindfulness

How did you illumine your world today?

We invite you to join us as we deepen the exploration of the plethora of senses that come alive as we joyfully live on purpose.

The Mereon Matrix reveals how a spiritual 'technology' of human awareness is built-in and applied through an open heart that is served by a receptive attitude. It is this coherence that allow one's spirit to engage with open hands, the body then free to receive and return. Sacred is found at the heart of all that matters. A dynamic state of becoming it's where what's true for you is revealed as truthful. Evidence comes from living authentically, choices demonstrate that your life is not sacrificed for a lifestyle. Let us suggest that too many confuse the brain, our 'recognitive' instrument, with the Mind. We further suggest that the Mind is non-local, and is our connection with all that Is. Mereon makes it clear that all creation, animate and inanimate matter, is sacred and must be cherished and protected. Living from love; your responses life-affirming, make the sacred realised, generating stable, sustainable energy, as your efforts overflow to produce benefits for self and others.