Sphere of Influence I: eCard

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Influence_Digital web.jpg

Sphere of Influence I: eCard


Sphere of Influence was captured on a cool, foggy summer morning in Brittany, France. Like many things in life, this plant, a pesky weed, was transformed by water and soft light.

What in your life has turned out to be a spectacular jewel that you discovered when you were awake and willing to get close enough to see what really is?

This card will be delivered as an 12.7 cm x 17.8 [5" x 7"] print appropriate as a card or a small piece of inspirational art .

Integrity and Trust

By purchasing a digital print you agree: 

  • To print 1 (one) copy;   
  • To not distribute the file to any other person; and
  • To not display it as a high resolution image sale on any physical or cyber-site.
  • Please request a low resolution image if you would like to pass it on! 

This small investment goes to support the development of 'BeLonging' programmes for teachers and students in challenged communities and developing countries. Thank you for your participation! It is essential to helping grow a healthy Future!

If you are interested in using this or any art you find on this site, please ask in the section indicated on your purchase form.

The Mereon Legacy CIC retains all rights to this image.

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