An artistic 'Incounter' with the aLEPH

From the hermetic depths of the universal Silence, the Aleph, comes the Divine Song,
the single tone that ignites a spark of light that breathes the life into a spatial-temporal nexus of Love.

Lynnclaire created this image in 2003, after someone asked her to imagine how the Pattern would appear if and when its dynamic dance would appear in water as she long said it would. It is one of many images she has created since 1989.

An immutable, ever-changing, self-coordinating and durable system, the Matrix requires that everything that enters into it's cyclical process go through seven stages of change. A high degree of interconnection leads to sustainability. However, if a system of any kind, living or life-like, a relationship or business, takes in inappropriate resources, energy that is unable to be internally harmonised, the output becomes incoherent and the system breaks down or fails. Yet even in ‘failure’, all energy is conserved for it is reduced to its smallest constituents and returned to the local environment where it is recycled.

Human existence will continue to arise provided that individually and collectively we operate with a clear conscience and cooperate with Consciousness, the field from which we arise. As we allow the inaudible to become visible in our actions, personal renewal will manifest as a new world. Just as Mother Nature transforms all matter by recycling energy over time, it is time for us to grow and flow in harmony. Doing so is the only way we will sustain ourselves, our relationships and the planetary resources that Mother Earth provides.

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