Fun & the Fundamentals of Freedom

After 11-years of experience, the superintendant of schools in Mirano, Venice, Italy, Dr. Alessio Morassut, shown here with programme designer, Lynnclaire Dennis, says; "What BeLonging has become in our community is almost unimaginable. We are proof that education is the soul of planetary sustainability, BeLonging quickly teaching us to recognize the difference between natural and normal."

Belonging begins with a 3-day training program for educators (5-days if translation is necessary) that provides them with the tools necessary to foster healthy social interactions in the classroom.

The program is based on the self-organizing principles and universal functions that are found in common with nature using the Mereon Matrix. It involves teachers learning how to turn classroom management into a game. BeLonging is a 'game' of trying different roles and responsibilities with every learner doing one role for a week and having a different task to do every day. Over the course of the school year each child does every role and task. The BeLonging Program does not touch the curriculum. It empowers teachers so they have time to do what they love, teach! Those who are using it say it’s the best 'Classroom Management' program ever and many say they couldn't teach without it. Parents agree because kids start to help out at home without complaining!

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Alessio Morassut and Lynnclaire Dennis