Resonance and Source

Resonance and Source While my intent is to post once a day, and respond to comments in the evening, today has proved that there are always exceptions.

The Summer of 1987, Dave Combs was walking the streets of Naperville, Illinois, selling his first album, "Rachael's Song". One day later, my husband and I walked into a small shop, and suddenly I was on the floor in tears, unable to explain why. While my husband chalked it up to the brain trauma, the owner came up to us, laid her hand on my shoulder and offered a different perspective. She simply said, "It's the music."

It wasn't a question. It was my answer.

She had purchased Dave's album and the music was playing.

Today, June 10, 2014, Dave and connected, and I was able to share with him how that moment and this song was more than synchronicity; it was a divine appointment called by the power of resonance.

Yesterday, in response to the request to share the Music of the Pattern that generates the Matrix in water I posted the video Math as Music. "Rachael's Song" has a curious relationship with the Music, and hearing it again today has restored something long missing in my heart.

I invite you to take a 4-minute break and treat yourself to what is surely an echo of something 'divine', something Dave 'remembered' and brought through clear and pure.!music-as-the-key/c1bru