Thoughts on the Mereon Matrix and the Pattern

Thoughts on the Mereon Matrix and the Pattern

This picture was presented to me in July of 1996 in Nanjing, China, painted by renown calligrapher Liú Dà Rèn, then the Secretary General of the Buddhist Association. In this image is Bodhidharma, who fifteen hundred years before, brought Chan Buddhism to China after spending nine years spent meditating in a cave.

Let me ask you: what gift do you bring to this lifetime? How are you making it known? How can we work together to make your voice heard, and to make your vision visible?

In 1998, Jim Channon was asked to describe my role in the scientific investigation in advance of the Sequoia Symposium. He wrote the following:

“She journeys from one scientific mogul to another, innocently bur firmly presenting her discovery, a small but powerfully loaded social invention. It’s a designer version of the atomic symbol we grew to respect and fear in an earlier incarnation. Lynnclaire continues to invite a wide array of academic minds and innovative thinkers to help uncover its meaning and destiny and this invitation itself, is a key to her many gifts. Her willingness to jump disciplines and paradigms is another, one that invites others in.

During the discussions that follow, Lynnclaire will engage her fellow travelers in compelling exchanges about Mereon, dialogues that will seem to throw the known and yes, perhaps artificial boundaries of logic and reason out the window. The truth is she is unifying intuition and reason. The intriguing part about the dialogues and adventures that ensue is the number of dimensions she is willing and able to include in the blink of an eye, demonstrating that we can include an unbelievable number of dimensions in our world at the same time. The Pattern, her small but loaded dynamic icon of Light exudes precisely the same possibilities.

As such, this dynamic and brilliant matrix is a powerful new linguistic element, fostering a new kind of thinking and a new language. Our present thinking is limited by the language we use, language loaded with independent and reinforcing dimensions of activity. Mereon however, evokes thinking much like the first model of our solar system must have, or the wonder one experienced when looking into the mechanism of a twenty-one jeweled watch. In a world where integrating and unifying the frontier dimensions of thought is so critical to whole systems solutions, Lynnclaire is carrying around a noun that’s also a complex verb. It’s the framework for complex relationships and no matter what label is given to this intriguing graphic engine, the impact remains unifying. She is personally, one of the most beautiful and charming things to happen to science in long awhile. Her work, while not yet fully defined in terms of the physics, biological, chemical and technical aspects, is opening many minds into the micro function of mathematics and physical manifestation.

Lynnclaire’s job is that of an intelligence agent who carries about The Secret Formula. Best described, she has discovered the logo of relationships. Mereon is the designer version and so is she! Anyone who seeks the council of frontier minds will always be recognized as clever, however when in the process, they pollinate the flowers with a new thinking tool they have to be thought of as gifted.”

I don't know about the 'gifted' bit as I think my PhD's in audacity and tenacity are more actual and factual. A dear friend rechristened me 'the cosmic energizer bunny' for keeping on keeping on for 27 years without ever having what others think of as 'normal' resources. From my perspective this is the power born in the alchemy of Knowledge, Passion, Purpose and living to keep a Promise made to the Universe.