Participation & Anticipation: The Arc of Grace

Participation & Anticipation: The Arc of Grace Contributor: Lynnclaire Dennis More than likely this is the longest post you’re likely to find here from the Mereon Legacy CIC team. Forgive the errors and typos. I'll correct them as I find them :) Hit F5 to be sure you're reading the latest version!

The reason for posting it today is we feel it’s important to set the ground for participation; to make it clear that there is a sense of anticipation devoid of false expectation. This site is not a platform for a monologue. It is an open space for dialogue that leads to wisdom and responsive actions. It’s a place where critical thinking that is expressed with loving tones is welcome. It is about BeFriending, realising that our vulnerability is our greatest strength. Regardless of how many people choose to ‘follow’ this dialogue, without commentary and participation this site will fade away as gracefully as Facebook.

Many have asked why I remained silent for so many years after publishing "The Pattern". It’s a straightforward question that deserves a simple answer. However, it also requires understanding that the answer is personal, based upon experiences and evolving understanding. First, I wasn't silent. I never stopped talking to those who wanted to know, to those who had the courage to ask. Those individuals wanted a logical response to a question, and if possible, from a grounded, mathematical perspective that offered congruence with their emotional, mental or spiritual thoughts or experiences. My initiation into this work, understanding unity through diversity, was indeed non-rational, driven by events that while common for many are currently outside the boundaries of logically explicable. The doorway in was through three Near Death Experiences. Willing to honour my experience but unwilling to live my history, my desire was and remains to demonstrate by using scientific method that life is OUR story.

This required a multi-perspectival response that was equally meaningful and rational. The last thing I want to do is entertain people with stories. My history will be found in my legacy; my lifetime is a story to be experienced, lived and celebrated in real time! For 27-years my vow has been that when the light and fun goes out of what I’m involved in, it’s time for transformation. For me, the Pattern is and always has been about healing through realationship. After looking for an explanation to my NDE in the religious tradition of my family, none was found.

The last chapter of my first book, “The Pattern” ended in 1996, at the conclusion of a four-year personal journey, a spiritual investigation into Consciousness. Today I am profoundly spiritual, however, my subscription is to a secular spirituality that is grounded in nature, noble values and human relationship. Its essence is realised through experiences of compassion, belonging and befriending that lead to healing and yes, fun. After “The Pattern” was released, I spent a short time in the world where what was asked, expected or requested of me was to relive my NDE. Telling the story was an endurance test for it meant abandoning my Purpose to attempt to meet or exceed others expectation.

My purpose is to be a catalyst for loving transformation and talking about my experience isn't ‘it’. It’s living my life in a way where the knowledge we've gleaned from the Pattern helps you catalyse your life experiences and improve the quality of your life.

In late 1997, after three years of working with Lou Kauffman, together with Foster Gamble, Jim Fournier, and Ralph Bunje, a meeting known as the Sequoia Symposium we called and co-convened. It quickly turned into the Sequoia Symposia! The first sessions began on March 14, 1998, Einstein’s birthday with 50 transdisciplinary scientists attending. Deep in the Sequoia forests of Northern California the participants were introduced to the Pattern, the polarised spherical knot tied by the Mereon Matrix. This was the beginning of unfolding a deeper comprehension of its relationship to the geometry, our current understanding of the physics of living systems. My resolve was that they evaluate the Pattern using scientific methods. If there was a verifiable pattern match, we’d continue. However, if they disproved the veracity of the architecture, I would chalk it up to a personal experience. Saving grace was found in that most of these individuals were willing to explore the Pattern without needing to test me. ‘Most’ is the operative word in that sentence…

In 2001, the jury returned with a verdict. Both the Context, the 120/180 Polyhedron, and the Core, the 144/300 Polyhedron that make up the Mereon Matrix were shown to unite all the fundamental building blocks that define matter. This is geometry, the forms known as the Platonic and Kepler Solids that define all matter.

In 2003, my determination was to show others how to apply this knowledge to their lives by revealing how it brought meaning to ancient wisdom. To this end I designed “ReVisioning My LifeCourse” to reveal the Path paved inside and out by geometric cobblestones. The outcomes were stunning and life-affirming to all.

In 2004, the “The BeLonging Project” came into being and the focus of the course was for teachers. The reason being that the first task to transform the future, from my perspective, is to revive the hearts and renew the minds of teachers, those who hold the hand of those who will lead us forward. This project began (and continues) in Mirano, [Venice] Italy, where students built the first “TeamPlay Ground”.

In 2007 at a NASA meeting in Tucson, Arizona, Robert W. Gray presented a paper that confirmed how vertices, points, and edges of the Context and Core of the Mereon Matrix in fact, weave five copies of the Pattern, The Mereon Trefoil Knot.

By 2009, this dynamic link was understood to be a robust dynamic General Systems model. In fact it was clearly seen as universal by linking scientific and social domains. The first scientifically peer reviewed journal article was published.

In 2010, a proposal went Elsevier, Oxford, England.

In 2011 they requested a full abstract.

In 2012, the team signed a contract with Elsevier for “The Mereon Matrix, Unity, Perspective and Paradox” that was released in June 2013. In December 2013, the Mereon Legacy CIC was established as a UK based a non-profit to domicile the IPR for the benefit of humanity.

In April 2014, the Mereon Legacy CIC published the small book, “Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be”. It is a work book/guide for the ReVisioning My LifeCourse, and lays out how you can use this process every day to improve the quality of your life. The bottom line is your life is as good as the choices you make. When decisions are best and correct, your innerconnection and interconnection can be remarkable.

For those who might be asking, What’s a good decision?; first of all it’s a choice you make for yourself. It’s you: 1) using what you define as meaningful; 2) it’s a decision based on values that you’re willing to live for; and 3) it produces measurable benefits that are good for you and also beneficial to others. The highest upside is a ‘peak experiencing’; it’s you no longer playing at life by trying to get someone else’s approval or living under someone else’s laws, in constant fear of getting caught breaking them.

Those who know me best understand why it took courage to cautiously step back into the realm of history and openly speak about my NDE. The only reason to do so is to live my Purpose on purpose. We, humanity, have a bad habit of doing the same thing over and over again. We all know that we do so with best intentions even though the results are usually the same. This has led to a collective insanity. It’s a process –think Cosmic Cuisinart, where we push, pulverize and pound the planet and our relationships into unrecognisable mush. We've trashed our planet and in the process put ourselves in dire straits.

From my chair, it’s time to take our head out of the hot sand and become catalysts for Mindful actions. The logic implicit in the Mereon Matrix is a coherent method that lets us reclaim our sanity. It’s the key that unlocks the escape hatch and lets us free ourselves from the illusions that we've come to think of as ‘normal’. A habit is a repeating pattern. There are bad habits and good habits. The Pattern is positive, life-affirming, repeating and recursive, linking micro and macro, inside and out! Its sequence requires us to ask our questions and evaluate options based on prior history which is our best predictor. It means remembering and honouring our experiences so that the new answering isn't to repeat the lessons we have passed. Imagine, growing having fun without mucking around, making a mess or letting someone make mincemeat of your body, heart, mind or spirit.

What's in it for you and why should you care? This work is about how you can reclaim yourself, uniting your inner world, your Youniverse, and living your lifetime.

Too many are looking for saviours. If you volunteer for such a task chances are you’re going to wind up as a scapegoat. We’re are the messiah. We are the ‘rescue crew’.

Our choices, like information that is intuitively retrieved or received, must be evaluated. Doing otherwise is to mistake fool’s gold as the real thing. It’s living a delusion. Gold welcomes the fire. Passion purifies gold and changes its form without altering what it is. It simply makes it more spectacularly beautiful.

Please understand that I don’t have your answers and neither does anyone else. My life task is simply to be a catalyst for loving transformation. I only wish ‘simply’ meant ‘easy’…

Today, what we have is a universal method by which you can understand natural growth. This means natural cab become the new ‘normal’! To my mind, this is Nirvana, Heaven on Earth. The potential is real but only if a critical mass wake up and realise that we can harness the energy of such a true Possibility.

The Pattern is generated by a process many call sacred geometry, diverse forms united in motion. It is a true Technology of Mindfulness. It permits you to find your way through conscious awareness, so your conscience can play in the Field of Consciousness.

Some of us are natural introverts while others are extroverts at ease. However, the deepest learning and healing comes through relationship. That’s what ReVisioning My LifeCourses are all about. People often ask me what we’re going to do when we get together. First, it’s you learning how energy flows and determining what works for you by seeing a new way to appreciate how it actually works! In our progress it becomes clear where the gaps are and why things break down. The event is an experience of breakthroughs. It’s about learning that we’re not terminally unique. And Yes, there is a plan but because the ‘We’ is always unique, the truest answering is revealed when we’re together.

This is how I want to play for the rest of my life. When and where is up to you. Ask me and together we can issue an invitation that we can promise will be a Win-Win-Win event. Together, by mindful BeFriending we can dance eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind as we co-create experiences where knowledge lead us to new knowing. By celebrating the richly textured Diversity that is our Unity our words and actions will be realised as wisdom…

This is the true Miracle that my body, heart mind and spirit are willing to live for. It is what we as a team strive to manifest!