Adieu to Facebook

cropped-doubleterminated-quartz.jpgWith clarity of thought we have now formally said 'Farewell' to Facebook, and ask that you please pass this website on to your friends and invite them to subscribe to the RSS feed here. This work doesn't need followers. We want to engage with those who are:

  • Ready lead from wherever they are
  • Those who's spirits are willing to become part of a critical mass
  • Individual's whose hearts move propelled by the raw courage to 'do';
  • And those with a desire that is aligned with ours --to catalyse events and experiences.

This means coming together in real-time, in person and in cyber-space, so that mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart and spirit-to-spirit we can dialogue to find ways that we can 'ingage' and act responsibly.

Whether we like it or not humanity is facing a 'Do or Die' scenario and it's time to talk and then walk hand-in-hand as we work together to bring about positive changes that are powerful, meaningful and measurable.

24 June 2014

Living Plan Be

Realising we have the possibility to keep this message flowing, we have decided to not spend any time on the FB sites, and will keep them open but 'inactive' save forwarding posts that are shared here.