ParaNormal: Living Childlike

brittany blues7A Personal Perspective by Lynnclaire Dennis Nothing in my life prepared me for my unexpected dance with death or being brought back against my will. Today I do not consider my NDE’s to be ‘paranormal’ or in any way related to anything supernatural. Paranormal is a label that is best used to describe observations or experiences that have no fully understood mechanical causality. Think about it and you have to admit that this includes gravity even though whatever it is, this dynamic force field is holding your backside to the chair and keeps your feet tethered to the planet.

Three experiences with death and dying led to both physical and neurological consequences. They catalysed emotional and mental reflections, and led to an ongoing spiritual contemplation that is best defined as an examination and alignment of personal morality and collective ethics for greater good. As a result of my NDEs cognitive capabilities were discovered that were not previously present or in any way self-evident. These abilities dovetailed with a singular memory and over time as led to what we know as the Mereon Matrix. It is the knowledge of a system, its forms and dynamics, for which no previous record has yet been found.

Knowledge is not the answer any more than information is knowledge. Knowledge that is imbued with wisdom leads us forward and in our process or progress compels us to ask new questions. When our best answers are failing us we cannot afford to assume the old questions that led to these answers remain valid. Today we are seeing that many of the supposed answers given to us by experts were based on manipulated data or outright lies.

Einstein taught that the most incomprehensible thing about our universe is that it is comprehensible.  Today’s questions require a transdisciplinary approach with multiple perspectives. Inclusivity is required to investigate and articulate the correct questions to evolve the best answer in the current moment. That which is beyond or comprehension, exceeding how most of us normally think or act ought to be a cause for care; a reason to extend an invitation to engage in a richly textured dialogue.

Can we afford to forget that ‘normal’ is predicated upon what someone once determined to be ‘abnormal’?

Can we afford that which we have not experienced to act as superglue to affix our backside, hearts or brains to a position that is readily confused as a comfort zone?

What happens when fault becomes our default?

How many label the unknown ‘Supernatural’ and use it to describe something they wish or hope to know if not in life, in death?

How many ascribe this perceived quality to an absentee landlord who they hope knows them or will at least recognise them when they knock on the Pearly Gates or lean on the doorbell?

How often do we assert a static belief, make a judgement or express prejudice?

How often does such issue from neediness, arrogance or greediness?

Is it possible that there is knowledge inherent within each of us that is waiting to be remembered?

Is it possible that in our need to conform and be normal that we’ve forgotten what is natural?

Life is a grand quest that is defined by how we respond to the questions.

Authenticity is having the courage to dare to live your answer without asserting that it is The Answer.