An amazing acknowledgement in the Light of the Perigee Moon

12 July 2014 Perigee Moon A friend and I were out walking on Friday late evening when the rising Perigee moon that we didn't know was happening broke free of the clouds to ignite a swarm of Thoughts and insight.

As we Earth-bound mortals stared at the lunar orb's beauty, we were inspired by how she softly reflected the sunlight that normally blinds us.

Thinking about how our path is illumined when we face our shadow, the sun behind us, I was suddenly aware that because we only see one side of the Moon's face, she too flows with the light as she follows her shadow into the unknown.

In capturing this image, I was reminded that every part within a living system waxes and wanes, as birth, growth and death is part of its ebb and flow. We are a whole part of a vibrant continuum and the quality of our life is realised as we inhale, transform and exhale while allowing love to ride the arc of each and every breath.

Compassion is the Pulse, the attractive principle that pushes, pulls and twists us around as forgiveness unfolds to turn and carry us into the Flow that draws us deeper into the Grand Unknown.  Riding the cosmic spiral from True North to South and back again, the extraordinary occurs as East and West meet, greet and kiss. And so it is that in the fleeting congress of a single embrace we are free to participate in the regenesis of space and time.

Spinning from inside to out and back again, our greatest opportunity is to nurture the bud of human will into the blossoming white Rose of remembrance. Such intent is something the Universal spirit can cooperate with. Together this fusion generates the courage necessary for acts of loving kindness to be revealed in time as wisdom. This is the source and soul of regeneration, the heart of healing and restitution.

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