The Gift of Reflected Light

torus Only when you know that you deserve are you free to truly serve.

What do you have the courage to consider accepting today?

Will it lighten your body or weigh it down? Does its spark have the power to ignite your heart? Will it call forth thoughts that lift, connect and transform how you think? Will in spin through your inner world to link north and south with east and west? How will it make today count in light of Eternity? Will it kindle authenticity and uplift your spirit?

That which is noble transforms your life and radiates from inside out.

How will you be a sphere of inspiration today?

This photograph is a torus of light; the echo of a resonant pulse that became visible as a beam of light was reflected through a crystal glass filled with water as a rhythmic pattern of sound was added. The ring-pattern shown here, captured in space and time, is a pattern match to those blown by dolphins as they emit sonar frequencies in the sea; the hole in the centre, think a bagel or doughnut, is the vortex that most recognise as the dynamics in Doppler radar (scroll down to 'Velocity' for an image that may surprise you), a forest fire, a hurricane or a the powerful funnel of a tornado.