Spheres of Influence & Islands of Understanding

Spheres of InfluenceWhile our contextual boundaries are real and must be strong,paradoxically they're like bubbles. Our lives are as sustainable as our bodies, hearts, minds & spirits are penetrable.

We need to be able to stand on our own as we realise that our lives are lived both in relationship with others & within an expanding Universe. A lifetime is an engagement in a Cosmic Dance, moving to harmonic jazz that dynamically centres our being as we spin. Breathing consciously while we expand and contract moves us through profound inner progress, the seasons of solitude that enable us to open and interact as we grow, our interconnections flowing between tangential, inter-penetrating & back to solo again.

Flexibility & elasticity are essential to the nature of 'natural' which is why vulnerability is critical to authenticity. Without these qualities our bodies, hearts, capacity for thought, & spirits are susceptible to manipulation & all manner of emotional & mental machination. When whole individuals merge, ‘islands of understanding’ form & it is from this space that the potential for something new begins to grow, inclusive of both and yet infinitely greater.

This is why it is critical to define, develop and evolve over time what works with you and for you.