Economics and Egonomics: Disparity and Despair

LifestylesIn the interview with Eldon Taylor yesterday, the issue of wealth came up in terms of using the Mereon Matrix build a whole and healthy system. Sadly, as we all  know, we live in a world where we've created something far less than a balanced system as the graphic below makes crystal clear. High_income_country_economies_by_world_bank

Image credit: "High income country economies by World Bank"

From Forbes:

"As the World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam International has released a new report called, “Working for the Few,” that contains some startling statistics on what it calls the “growing tide of inequality.”

The report states:

  • Almost half of the world’s wealth is now owned by just one percent of the population.
  • The wealth of the one percent richest people in the world amounts to $110 trillion. That’s 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population.
  • The bottom half of the world’s population owns the same as the richest 85 people in the world.
  • Seven out of ten people live in countries where economic inequality has increased in the last 30 years.
  • The richest one percent increased their share of income in 24 out of 26 countries for which we have data between 1980 and 2012.
  • In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer."

The quote that Eldon pulled from "The Mereon Matrix; Unity, perspective and Paradox" (Elsevier 2013) does not advocate for the redistribution of wealth, nor do I. The quote he took from the book states: "As you will discover, Mereon principles show that energy, materials and resources of all kinds must be distributed equally; if any part of a system suffers, the entire system is at risk. Stasis is not a characteristic of a vibrant living system; the ecosystem of the aged Earth is held in an exquisitely delicate balance and humanity is already experiencing shifts in its equilibrium."

This is not to advocate for a Robin Hood mentality.

The next paragraph reads:

"It is time to individually and collectively become positive and proactive allies, changing as needed to keep up our end of the reasonable and tacit agreement that we are custodians of Gaia with a duty of care, not only to Lovelock’s ‘living Earth’ but to our children and our children’s children."

The 'we' referenced here is not only those who live in the blue zone in the image above.

The Royal We is all 7,179,000,000+ members of the human family.

The Mereon Matrix provides us with knowledge that makes it clear that its time to look at WHY a single economic system is making the entire world sick. A model of a 'perfectly' functioning system, we can all certainly agree that individually and as a supposed civilisation, we fall far short of that mark. If a healthy system can indeed be rebuilt using the Matrix, we must remember that perfection is what we are, not something any of us can do individually or collectively. However, if we have the guts, moral courage, to recognise that something is wrong with these numbers, and stand up to insist that something be done to re-balance what is, things will change.

And personally, my perspective is that we and the world can change for the better without politicians telling constituents, consumers, to drive a gas guzzling car to the mall to go shopping in order to generate the economy necessary to fuel a war.

True spirituality is noble ethic and morality in motion. Sacred geometry indeed, and using a Love Knot to untangle the mess we have made of this gorgeous planet we all call Home.

While some might say the following are 'relative', consider the quality of life vs. a lifestyle with regard to what someone from the Blue Zone would find should they decide to retire to one of the lower 'high' income countries much less one of the 'middle income' places...

And if you think that someone is living 'well' on the equivalent of $230-$990 a year, it's time to plan a trip...

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