Time and timing

time2Some of you may have noticed a discrepancy in the time for the September 7th Realationship Dialogue, and the duration! My bad... :) Today I am celebrating being human and cutting myself lots of slack and ask you to do the same, for you and for me! The wonderful radio interviews we've been doing of late, Eldon Taylor and Lisa Maroski, led to the realisation that 33 minutes, as magical a number as it is, was simply not enough time. For this reason, I'm committing a full hour to the session and we'll focus on one question until everyone has a sense of 'resolution' and if we have time we'll take on another. Again, there is no fee, and only if its meaningful are you invited to share a gift afterwards. Any funds go to The BeLonging Project which in fact, what this is really all about; belonging; the experience of being loved and loving.

My intent is to have the dialogue continue on the DiaBLOGue until the next session. As you can see, those that have already been asked, are powerful and will lead to a richly textured hour!

Please note that for the first dialogue, in order to use video and allow everyone to have the opportunity to be heard, 25 will be the maximum number of participants. If we go over that by 5, we'll open it wider for the next and will assign a moderator.