Human-kindness: An Inside-Out Experience

Give yourself a moment to stop and think about how we, like gold nuggets and uncut diamonds, are potential that appeared out of the ‘no-thingness’ that permeates our universe. We are made of stardust. All life formed in an endless stream of embers that were emitted from a cosmic sparkler, each incomparable spark what makes matter unique. Out of the apparent chaos a natural resonance arose, and from this harmony the invisible eventually became visible. The paradox is that while we’re absolutely different, the only differences are found in how the luminous energy of creation stirred, divided, multiplied, organised and cycled through time to become us. Contemplate this for a moment; from diversity came unity and unity’s potential is to manifest diversity. This is Nature’s natural repeating pattern.

heart of the matterThe Heart of the Monch, 2005, Lynnclaire Dennis

Every day something in my life deepens my awareness that living is an opportunity to be treasured and spent. Every breath is an experience to expand into the fullness of knowing what it feels like to belong and growing in my flawless imperfection is an investment in Consciousness. My brain becomes inebriated on awe when contemplating the remarkable fact that our amazing diversity offers the clearest evidence of our interconnection. Wonder is the constant when I consider that even when I walk alone my journey, the Path of Time is shared with you and every other member of our cosmic tribe.

Is there a question burning in your heart? The first step we take towards finding our answer is to realise that no one else has it.  Would you like an experience that leads to the discovery that you’re not alone? While your suffering may certainly be real, are you willing to entertain that it might not be true?

If you want the cure for the disease of terminal uniqueness, join us on Sunday, the 7th of September for The Realationship Dialogues!