Fingerprints and Footprints

If we compared our fingerprints we’d have to look very carefully to tell the difference even though we know that like us, they’re one-of-a-kind.fingerprintsWere we to go to a restaurant to share a meal, chances are we’d choose different things from the menu, but we’d both put our food and drinks into our mouths.  And sooner or later we’d excuse ourselves and leave the table to line up for the loo because what goes in goes through and eventually comes out. Think about it: we’re unique but the processes we go through are the same. With this in mind ask yourself:

What happens if one member of a tribe --a relationship, a family, or a business-- makes a decision in which they are the only beneficiary?

The purpose of the Mereon Legacy CIC is to foster understanding, a mission that’s rooted in one simple truth: we’re all teachers and students.

BeLonging, to experience being beloved and loving in return, is the state of body, heart and mind that we all long for.

Being crammed with information, aka school, cannot be confused with the experience of genuinely acquiring knowledge. Regurgitating what’s been stuffed into one’s head and pulled out the ends of their fingers or from their mouth, a test, doesn't mean they've had a good teacher or that they’re intelligent or not.  Both modalities are painful and boring processes.

Learning is lifelong and authenticity is to live the continuum of self-discovery. It's what turns the key and opens communication, true dialogue that is essential to building realationships that have the strength to innovate in time so they endure. When learning is mutually meaningful progress is measurable and generates benefits for all.

Take care in how you walk in the world today remembering that your tone and touch leave fingerprints on those you encounter. And please make sure your footsteps are soft, your footprints light.