Another perspective

reformed buddhist cartoonThis morning a dear friend shared this cartoon with me, and it's a perspective I don't share, something those who know me well will attest is no surprise! :) Ask yourself:

  • What if there are no 'mistakes'?
  • What if our errors are simply a way to navigate the flow --learning to steer clear from the rocky shores we've all crashed on, but thankfully survived?
  • What if we learned to step out of the looming oncoming shadows we meet on the path?

From my perspective this lifetime is an amazing gift! It's an opportunity to learn to love more fully so that we can exit this lifetime without fear, and in doing so return, but the next time with full and complete remembrance of LOVE! When we are willing to do this we become catalysts for TRANSFORMATION, the evolution of  humanity!

The real MAGIC is that we can start our new incarnation today!

FB August 31, 2014