Entering the Silence

catching inner rainbowsAs the sun sets behind the Alps this evening storm clouds are brewing to the west...and feeling the energy building in the atmosphere for the thunder and lightning the weatherman promised, it's a perfect match to the possibilities sparking deep in my core. Tomorrow I leave for Tuscany, and to fully appreciate this time, I'll be going 'technomonk' --no computer-- for the first time in years. A time of meditation, my intent is for my spirit to cooperate with the universe and together to choreograph the Dance of heart and mind that renews the body.

Committed to my promise of writing a minimum of 111 words a day, this time in my moleskin journal, upon my return I'll post excerpts to share as a reflection for those who are sharing my journey to Sanctuario la Verna in spirito.

Hanno una grande settimana piena di scelte che riflettono solo l' Amore!