Finality & Final word(s)

Yesterday waiting for the clock tower to chime at the top of the hour, I walked somewhat gingerly through the cemetery beside a 9th century church. Deep in the Swiss countryside, I was stunned to see this grave, its simple modernity in stark contrast to others stone markers in this ancient and well-tended site. With neither a name, date of birth or death inscribed on this sheet of mirror-like steel, lasered into the surface was simply the words you see here: 'wort los'.speechless It's German for 'speechless'.

One of my best memories with my Mom is the sunny day we stood at the railing of a ferry named the 'Walla Walla' crossing the Puget Sound from Seattle to Whidby Island. Gazing out on the familiar shores of her childhood, Mom told me that when I reached my sixth decade I wouldn't believe how fast it came or how young I felt.

It's all true. The precious gifts that life delivers often leave me speechless. Friendship and purpose continue to deepen my awareness that each and every breath is a treasure to be savoured.

Today celebrate the awe of Mother Nature's beauty as you fully inhale and exhale the essence of life. Take time to smell the roses and look for opportunities to intentionally join heart-to-heart with those you love, consciously linking hands to co-create moments and memories that leave you astonished, filled with love and overflowing with gratitude.

What you will discover is that genuine Love takes your breath away and then instantly gives it back.