The Mereon Matrix, Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life

mm and the flower of lifePeople often ask me about the Mereon Matrix and it's relationship to 'the Flower of life' and 'sacred geometry'. The connection is conclusive and I'll do my best to make it clear. Let's start with the beautiful video done by my friend Goa Lombaugh that will help you visualise the flower of life in 3D.

In his modelling, Goa takes the 2D Flower of Life motif and lays it in the plane that you can easily see sitting in the centre of a cube. At 00.40 seconds he then adds 2 more, centering them in the first flower at 90 degrees. At 00.46 seconds he rotates this triadic cluster by 45 degrees, and if you look carefully you'll see triangular 'cups' appearing. It is clearly observable at the top. Next, at 00.57 he double this configuration to fill more space, a bouquet, and a gorgeous fountaining pattern appears. As he visually explores this clustering, you will see many symbols, patterns that are easily recognised.

Now, let's consider the Flower of Life in relationship to the Mereon Matrix. While the connection is deeper, in this example I'll only focus on the external structure, the context of the Matrix, Mereon 120/180 Polyhedron, the geometry shown in the top three images below. The bottom row of images, also the Mereon 120/180 was formed in the same way that Goa 'lifted' the Flower of Life into 3D. Here, Bob Gray illustrated how the static context of the Mereon Matrix, it's 3-, 4- and 5-fold symmetry, can be visualised by the logical (geometrical) placement of 15 circles.

CH 6 Figure 43  Mereon 120_180 in 120 Phase and defined by 15 great circlesAligned on the vertices of an Icosahedron, these 15 circles form the Mereon 120/180 Polyhedron. But the dynamics, how it works is another story!

In her beautiful book 'Sacred Geometry', author Miranda Lundy describes 'sacred geometry' as 'geometry in motion'. We agree.

qejThis image shows the static, geometric architecture of the Matrix. This video reveals how it works, showing its expansion, contraction and rotation. But the 'real' story is clear here where you see the curved energetic path that these straight lines generate as they move in space! For this reason we can say that the Mereon Matrix defines the Flowering of Life and all living systems, and life-like systems that are built with conscious intent.

So, what does this have to do with our every day lives? From our perspective the only reasonable response is "Everything."

Watching the news today is painful as we see how human behaviour often goes against that which is natural. Too much of the pain and sorrow is actually an 'inside job'. It hurts to see how many lives and lifetimes are wasted as people try in vain to 'go along to get along' or fight the status quo without changing their habits or heart. The Mereon Matrix shows us how a natural system forms and grows in a sustainable way. It can be used to intentionally create a healthy life and build functional 'realationships'. It starts with asking yourself "What matters in light of Eternity?" Only you have your answer. Yes, living authentically is to embrace change and the questions we face seem endless. In light of this dialogue, the ones we have to answer for ourselves are:

  1. How long will we continue to be weighted down in body, relegated to wander sluggishly in an emotionally flat world?
  2. How long will we allow others to put the squeeze on our authenticity, putting us down, or knocking our ideas, halting cooperative innovation as they squeeze us into a mold that they can get a grip on, manage and control?
  3. What would it take for us to stop conforming to old rules and regulations that someone else wrote in their 2D book?
  4. What would the first positive change in your life be if you found the courage to begin anew, intentionally self-forming and authorising your life story?

fountain 1Identify one life-affirming attitude, speak it and then take action to lift your heart, lighten mind and illumine your spirit. You will suddenly find yourself at a higher perspective where you are able to remember who you are in time to truly live, and then listen, hear and watch what happens in your world! :)

Life is a naturally effervescent experience. Today may love, purpose and laughter bubble up within your being.