Yesterday took me on a journey that never fails to inspire my heart and ignite my spirit even though I've made it countless times.luzern 2014

Hotel des Balances, Luzern, Switzerland

Without a doubt it is the most spectacular train trip that you can imagine: catching the early train from Thun, I headed east around Thunersee, Lake Thun, into Interlaken East, where I caught the Golden Pass connection; destination Luzern.

Skirting the northern bank of the turquoise Brienzersee, having coffee in the bistro car, we continued into the small town of Meiringen at the head of the valley. Even in October the waterfalls were weeping and I was again reminded that this is the location of Reichenbach Falls, a series of waterfalls where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty engage in their final battle of wills as good wrestled with evil. 

From there the train reverses to head up over the spectacular Brunig-Hasliberg Pass, to then slide down the back slopes towards Mt. Pilatus, and into the city of Luzern.

The entire trip was yet another adventure into and through paradox as hours before, during and even this moment I am awash in waves of equal measures as joy and sadness, loving and longing. Why? Luzern, the city of light, was home from 2004-2009 and I experienced yet again how this was/is a place where my body, heart, mind and spirit feel totally safe.

Today I am reminded again that HomE is within, where Heaven and Earth ride the vibration of OM, and what a blessing it is to find share and build the resonance of transformation with others.