TONIGHT! Exiting Fear to Live in Conscious Compassion

Join us tonight in the in the Awakening Zone as we come together to catch the virus of love!  amici2Too many with bullhorns and microphones are injecting distrust, diffidence and apathy into the world, infecting every element of our world. The consequence is the masses are cowering, isolated and locked in the silence of fear as angst, despair, depression, and negative attitudes and actions run rampant in their bodies, hearts, minds and spirits. 

It's time for healing.

By naming our dis-eases we discover that we're not terminally unique,  this awareness the first step towards identifying the Cure! Through the power of BeLonging, we begin to find and harness the will to remedy all manner of fear. The power of connection and awareness of our interconnection is what vaccinates our hearts, minds and spirits against the lethal anxiety of death; from virulent emotional pandemics; and from the destructive economic uncertainties that lead to neediness and greediness. Being understood and understanding inoculates our spirits from apathy, the sense of powerlessness that drives depression.

Few doubt that the planet has reached a 'tipping point'. What this means is that it's time for a TURNING POINT, for open-hearted and open-minded individuals to come together and run in the other direction! When we heal ourselves we can countermand the lies and illusions that separate us; we can regenerate the devastation we've done to our environment; we can repeal terrorism, and end the wars and rumors of war that tear down the quality of life as they shred the social fabric and destroy our planet.The only remedy for fear is to head for HIGHER GROUND where we can see a new perspective that is required for action that will lead to the experience necessary to make a giant leap towards transformation. This will be nothing less than an authentic, epic resolution of spirit.

We can and must become catalysts for loving change in order for understanding, compassion, and wisdom, the essential characteristics that drive human evolution, to become a proactive force. This strength is found in our mutual Source. When our personal inneractions, choices and decisions are coherent we are free and able to come from wholeness to take part in healthy, cooperative interactions that lead to innovation. Genuine co-creation, individuals of conscience operating in harmony with Consciousness, is the only action that has the strength and power to generate the flow of a new wave that will take us and Gaia off the bleeding edge. 

Tonight Karen Elkins, editor of the ezine 'Science to Sage' will host a dialogue on how to exit fear by using the logic of love, the Mereon Matrix. Join us as we explore how to make decisions that allow us to find our Unity by honouring and celebrating our diversity! 

PLEASE join us in the Awakening Zone as we disconnect the snooze bar. Call in to participate as we share how we must learn, unlearn and relearn to walk in the world in a new way. And PLEASE pass this invitation on to your family, friends and social spheres because the only way that we can make meaningful, measurable and positive differences in the world is as a community that is free to celebrate our diversity!