Responding to a ReQuest for Understanding

the mereon legacy diablogue 3 Responding to a ReQuest for Understanding

Yesterday I received the following note:


Hi Lynnclaire,

I've read your NDE and I've always been fascinated by it, especially the Mereon Matrix, which, admittedly, is difficult to comprehend, but fascinating nonetheless. I generally describe myself as an atheist/agnostic, however, I believe the universe (now multi-verse) is far more complex and beyond any "god" we humans have conjured. I guess I want to know, is it real, do we really continue our consciousness after death? Also, if the afterlife is imbued with eternal love and endless bliss, why do some people have horrifying NDE's? Last, why are we here? Do you know or have an inclining? I'm not asking to cajole or challenge, I just really want to know.

Kindly, Michael


Michael, thank you so much for taking the time to write; for feeling your way through your own heart and mind, and to then courageously ask these probing questions. Before posting today's DiaBLOGue to honour your willingness to ask, it’s interesting that I found this article, which you will certainly want to read!  The courage to question is what deepens understanding and expands our sense of connection and commUnity, this of course as contrast with insisting that someone has ‘the Answer’. My request is that for those who take the time and energy to read it, to offer a response, repost, or to share your perspective, even if it’s just to add an affirmative echo by ‘Liking’. Again, understand that my responses are best considered the most recent snowflakes to land atop what is in many ways, the proverbial ice burg.


A Prelude

Knowing that not one of us is dying from terminal uniqueness, I'm responding to Michael's questions with the awareness that he has asked what is running through many minds and hearts, questions often driven by the spirit in the existential quest for meaning! Please, as ever, understand that what is shared comes from personal experiences, yet I’m doing my best to insure that my words, while reflecting a very subjective perspective, are based on the logic of the Mereon Matrix, principles that many people have worked hard for many years to articulate.

In every way my answering Michael’s questions, anyone’s queries, is pretty much rising to accept a cosmic dare. I am very well aware that there is no way that my thoughts –or anyone else's for that matter– are “The Answer”. My believings are seeded in knowledge, and grow through feelings, experiences, space and time. When they align with my values and are coherent, they generate my best answers in the moment. Yes, indeed they arise by conscious consideration, using the Mereon Matrix's systemic unfolding to ‘question’ my internal realities –physical, emotional, mental, spatial, temporal, and spiritual.

However, this sequence is not to be confused with a system of 'beliefs'. It’s a natural way to insure that there is full internal alignment, unity between my vision of life and the values that are its core. Because every questioning and answer is unique, there is no assertion in my response that can be considered dogma. Because these internal ‘realities’ are universal, the difference is that they demand personal adaptation, each individual making a choice based on what is ‘right’ for them.  More often than not beliefs –rules, laws and regulations-- are static. They are written by one and subscribed to by those who are like-hearted and like-minded. While this may sound like a good thing, most of these organisations are closed systems, religious affiliations and political parties two examples. Both are fixed in their positions and seldom if ever does either tolerate or accept diversity. This is a description of ‘fundamentalism’. Members live and die –which sometimes means an inquisition– by the rule ‘Go along to get along’. Once you join, to remain a member in ‘good standing’ you must tow the line or risk being hung by it. Many of us have learned the hard way that being authentic is the fastest way to being kicked out, being branded a renegade. Embracing natural is too often the fast track to abandonment and rejection, burned with searing brand, “Heretic”. This is a scar I wear proudly for the term comes from the Greek word ‘heresis’ which simply means “One who chooses differently”.

This DiaBLOGue is my daring to share a dynamic 'believing' that is gently held on an open hand. Who knows what gust of knowledge may take it away or transform it! To clutch or hold on to it is to close my fingers and form a fist, a sign to others that it’s worth a fight to be right. Please know that you are free to disagree with anything I say and know that I will ‘pass’ on engaging in any need to argue. Life is too short and too long to assert any need to be right or try to power the illusion of control, and wishing, shaming, blaming and regretting are vacuous activities that waste a lifetime. That said, what follows best expresses my answering in the current moment.

Responding to Michael's statements & questions in his Quest for Understanding

waterLife quickly teaches us that living is anything but static. We live in the flow of constant change with transformation taking place with every heartbeat and each breath. Every answering arises as a resolution of paradox, changeless change affecting the body, heart, mind and spirit of what is simultaneously a personal and collective exploration. The Mereon Matrix is a new knowledge; it is a Universal system that presents us with an understanding of a dynamic and ever-expanding multi-verse. This template is the basis for my answering and the logic beneath all four of my books, “The Pattern”, Integral 1997; “The Mereon Matrix, Elsevier 2014; "A Footprint in Eternity", and "Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be", The Mereon Legacy CIC 2014. So too it is the foundation behind the interviews you’ll find online, the most recent being 07 October 2014 with Karen Elkins. All of these expand these responses.

  • Michael’s comments on 'god'

I hope that those who are open-hearted and open-minded to the Divine will make and take time to listen to the interviews that we've done over the past few months.  The following is an excerpt from ‘A Footprint in Eternity’.

A Free Man

In an interview in 2013, the inimitable Morgan Freeman was asked if playing God on-screen gave him any insight into the divine. When asked if he thought it was possible that humans ‘invented god’ he courageously replied: “Yes. Well, here's a scientific question: Has anybody ever seen hard evidence? What we get is theories from our earlier prophets. Now, people who think that God invented us think that the Earth can't be more than 6,000 years old. So I guess it's a question of belief. My belief system doesn't support a creator as such, as we can call God, who created us in His/Her/Its image.”

But when pushed, asked if he was an atheist or agnostic, he replied, "…if I believe in God, and I do, it's because I think I'm God."

Morgan: Truly a free man and one of my heroes." His thoughts pretty much wraps up my feelings and thoughts on what is for most, a theological perspective of 'god'.

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  • Do we really continue our consciousness after death?

If I focus on the operative word 'really' I have to say "I don't know."

However, by deleting that term, I'm able to respond with questions that form my answering:

  1. If death is 'the end', why do I remember being dead?
  2. Why is my strongest memory of dying hearing the Music, Sum-thing, Knothing Universal, calling my name?
  3. If conscious awareness ends with death, my NDEs a time when time my brain was not supposed to be functional, how did I discover and recover The Mereon Matrix that was the heart of this experience? And
  4. How is it that dying three times only seemed to kill only one thing; my lifelong fear of death and all manner of 'dying'?

Therefore, it seems fundamental asks that we consciously and courageously explore our definition of 'Consciousness', and its relationship to life and death.The experience of dying and death was simply crossing an invisible threshold; this was far simpler than flipping a coin, considering one side and then the other; it's not even a 'hand and glove' scenario. Consciousness Is; living is the continual progress towards dying; they are sequential experiences that enable us to appreciate the totality of Wholeness. The Grand Opportunity is to live our lives on purpose; to create, cooperate and co-create sustainable relationships that reflect the values that define clear moral conscience. When this meets a noble global ethos we experience a unity that is well worth living for.

  • If the afterlife is imbued with eternal love and endless bliss, why do some people have horrifying NDE's?

 NDEs remain something of a mystery and this is certainly one of them. During my time in the Buddhist monastery one of the things I learned is that the purpose of meditation is not only to live more effectively in the moment, but to be free and able to surrender to death without fear. When asked if my NDEs were physical or spiritual, my response has always been yes; the paradox being that they are inseparable. Since childhood curiosity has been my most notable characteristic, followed closely by tenacity and audacity which is another word for courage. Like most I've suffered from self-doubt, and find myself scared witless on many occasions, these states are emotional and are not the same as fear. For me, fear is holistic, a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-order that stops us in space and time, eroding our life. Being scared is different; it's is an experience that is filled with awe and respect for the Grand Unknown, that which always Is. It is the union of knowledge and knowing, living with the realisation that Time is pulling me through space and every breath, every step on that Eternal arc, is a sacred marriage with Change. Evolution is not an encounter. It’s time to understand and accept that Time is the fundamental reality of our life.

  • Why are we here? Do you know or have an inclining?

Many religions teach that we're born into sin, yet few know or understand that 'sin' simply means to 'forget'. For me, most of us are born into forgetfulness, and the purpose for being here is to live into remembrance so that we can re-member; that is, to receive in order to return through consciously reconnecting with one another and ultimately our Source, the Universal 'Soul' that gives rise to space and time filling it with infinite unique and individual spirits.

As a result, too many spend their lifetime 'why'ning', complaining and moaning about what is not. One of the books on my hotplate is called “The Joy of Why'ning”, a book of questions that’s to be given to kids on their 10th birthday as they enter their 11th year! I've come to think of it as the instruction book that was missing when we arrived on the planet!

Growing up my existential 'whyning' was most often “What does God want from me? What does God want me to do?” The sad part was that I wasn't allowed to discern ‘god’s’ answer for myself, this right –according to the family rules– was reserved for the preacher or teacher who had the credentials to interpret ‘god’s’ plan for my life. What was crazy was they didn't even know me. Suffice it to say that dying changed how I live my life. Experience led me to the knowing that death wasn't real and presented me with more than the Pattern and the Mereon Matrix. The experience of death catalysed the awareness that living my life is a privilege, a grand opportunity and a responsibility for which I am solely accountable.

My experiences, feelings and awareness has led to the realisation that humanity  –every ‘me’ forming the royal ‘We’– is on an existential quest where  diversity unfolds unique passions and callings that are related to a single Purpose; the what for each individual unfolds, opens and lifts into time as the desire to experience what is meaningful; to be loved and loving; to be wanted and know that they are needed and that they belong.

In recent days multiple friends have shared profound loss as family members and friends have decided life isn't worth living and they've taken control of their pain through suicide. It is profoundly true that this quest for meaning leads through many pitch black nights where there's neither moon nor stars to illumine the hermetic dark. We all experience days of elephant gray where there isn't so much as a patch of blue sky to let the light break through. We know what it is to have an emotional eclipse come out of nowhere, a black funk that blots out love’s truth and shrouds every ray of hope. This to me is why the notion of faith is insufficient to carry us to the next dawn.

When those inevitable dark moments come, I've learned to dissolve them and the ‘whys’ by digging into my heart to find something, one thing, to be grateful for. Every time what I find first is love and gratitude for my parents who chose to give me the gift of this lifetime. The minute I express this attitude of gratitude aloud a spark of light opens and the darkness runs. What’s important to realise is that this spark doesn't appear in front of us, coming from our present moment or the future. It comes from our passed, rising from behind to illumine the way forward as it guides us out of the dark. If we were able to observe ourselves in this moment, we’d realise that this spark forms a halo around our head, and that our shadow is stretched before us to lead the way. From there we can find our way to a ‘mountain top’ experience. But remember this; it’s a small and often lonely place, and it’s hard to remain awake, open and aware in this rarefied atmosphere. So it is that we must inevitably descend and it’s walking across wide open meadows that we meet others with whom we can venture into the deep valleys making the sojourn an adventure. The purpose of relationship is to heal our deepest wounds, and when we’re in a mental canyon with others, we’re free to play with echoes. When we find ourselves alone and feel boxed in, crying “Why me? Why now? Why not?”  can seem deafening, and we’re unable to recognize our voice crying out

My 'inclining', lovely term Michael, regarding the reason we're here is this; first let me say that I'm no 'Pollyanna'. Life is simple but living is seldom easy. Are we given or do we choose the remarkable experience of a lifetime is something many argue about. I don't know, but I'm here, which means that what I do with my life is up to me! I am persuaded that we are representatives of Consciousness; that every bit of manifest energy is a hologramic whole part that has separated from and is yet profoundly and infinitely connected to the Unified Field that IS all that Is. My thoughts is that every Me has the grand opportunity to understand Consciousness Herself; that we are Consciousness exploring our creation and our task is to expand Understanding.

There are two places where I/we experience this; the first is when we suddenly have an "Ah ha!" moment, this the awareness that arises and is often articulated when we pop out of a Theta state that is occurs in meditation, prayer or focused attention. The second it the life-affirming and sometimes breathless to breath giving moments of synchronicity! This is for me is when our human understanding --physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, temporal and spiritual-- merge as a complete intelligence. This unity is inpowered to move our will, and then, in agreement with the Universal Spirit, the field of Consciousness that overflows with Potential, leads to the cooperation that drives sustainability, regeneration and transformation!

I've learned and am continuously learning, unlearning and relearning that life's greatest lessons is that the Universe is continually revealing Herself and since I am a whole part of the Universe my life is also endlessly being revealed. My sense is that this incremental unveiling is part of Nature’s natural cycle because our attachment to normality has made it so that we think we are limited and can only take in so much. People are often shocked by my delight, surprise and awe when I experience this unfolding, and I’ve lost count of how many times others have asked if I think that will ever end. My reply is “I hope not!” To lose that rich sense of wonder would be tragic! Clearly, we are an evolving species, and the Universe and anyone else involved in our transformation knows that we’re only capable of small but intentional steps as we advance. We are certainly in a time of remarkable technological advancement, but it’s time to realize that such ‘advancement’ is a far cry from spiritual/moral/ethical development.

We are drowning in information and disinformation, much of it outright lies. As a result we are ignoring –ignorant– knowledge, this the only Source of wisdom which is realised as right –morally and ethically correct– action. To experience a meaningful and measurable quality of life, not to be confused with a lifestyle, humanity must begin to make genuine progress. This means we break the habit of shredding, tearing and destroying ourselves, our relationships and the environment as we try to squeeze them into a mold of our making. When inner transformation takes place in a sufficient number of people who then have the competence, commitment, and willingness to come together as One will a critical mass of love arise. Such an inpowered alliance will be empowered to produce the exponentially positive change that necessary to regenerate what is good and noble in our world.

Forgive typos and grammatical errors... No doubt I'll be making small corrections all day!