Did you know that the word Magic...

17 october 2014Where did the last six weeks go? While I kept my promise to write at least 111 words a day, obviously they didn't always make it to the blog! I feel like the most blessed person on the planet having just spent four magical days in Mirano, Italy with the most amazing group of individual --friends, teachers and kids. The days and evenings spent with old friends was made even more special in that we were joined by new friends, June and Dana! There to witness The Mirano BeLonging Project nourished our spirits while my Italian 'family' at the Cinque Colonne, Sergio, Mama Sergio, Daniella, Sandro and Sabrina, kept us safe at night and very well fed.

We all learned something new, evidence that learning is LifeLong!

Did you know that the word 'magic' grows from the same root as 'teacher', 'maestra' in Italian? It's the root of the word 'maestro', which most of us know as a 'master'! However, the real meaning is to promote spiritual growth; to call forth and nurture authenticity.


What if teachers made a shift and instead of cramming information into kid's heads and force them to dump it out, the teachers, true magicians, were free to start pulling out 'rabbits'?

What will the future tomorrow be if you dare to occupy your life, your reality?

Pardon the typo's... 26 hours on a train in 2 days have me a bit on the weary side!