The Power of BeLonging

This morning I’d like to share a story told to me a week ago, a precious golden moment that will respire hope for the future that we share today. we are connectedLast week I was in Mirano, [Venice], Italy, along with two visiting educators to visit the original BeLonging Project has been running for 11-years. Over espresso in the teacher’s lounge we further bonded as one of the teachers who was a participant in the 2nd teacher’s course 9-years ago, told us that she’d just returned from a long holiday weekend, 3-nights on a retreat camping in the mountains. Even though struggling with personal health issues, she looked rested and refreshed. But the news flash was hearing that she wasn't alone on this adventure; she was the solo adult on this outing along with 26, 10-year olds; students she’s been teaching for five-years!

She shared how she offered the trip as a gift for five amazing years together, and how the kids, of course, organised the trip in the same way that they have run their classroom; using the BeLonging Project’s TeamPlay Ground! Each child took responsibility for 1 of the 8 fundamental tasks, organising the entire adventure from beginning to end! This included food planning, shopping, packing and meal preparation;setting up tents, cleaning, and planning all outdoor events and escapades!

It was no surprise to Alda -or to me- that the weekend was ‘Perfetto!’ a celebration without a single emotional or mental upset.

So let me ask you: Would you take on such an adventure with 26 adults, never mind, 26, 10-year olds?