More than a symbol for Love

Have you ever caught someone looking at you and suddenly found yourself nauseated, emotionally stressed, and mentally obsessed with a knot tightening in your gut as your brain natters away wondering and worrying about what they're thinking about you? Did you ever stop to consider that maybe the reason they looked your way is because you were between them and what they were thinking about? What if their reality is that they're overly concerned about what you think of them?

More than likely most of us would be emotionally crushed, truly devastated, if we really knew how little time others spend thinking about us.

One of my most essential life lessons was coming to the realisation that those who truly care about me don't make me guess what they're feeling or thinking. They share it in the moment, expressing it with love as they seek understanding. This is the difference between a genuine Friend and those who are more accurately considered 'friendlies' or acquaintances. october 22 2014 blogLooking into the infinitesimal aspects of Mother Nature helps focus my thoughts, and deepens my understanding of that which truly resides at the heart of matter. In this image, the centre of a dying rose, the stigma, style and anther are in sharp focus while the protective petals are blurred. It is a reminder of how every part of a system is essential for beauty, indeed love, to be sustainable.

The quote by Pierre Teihard de Chardin is one of my daily prayers; it is the spirit that guides my daily meditation as I renew my purpose-- to make Love known using the knowledge we've identified in the dynamic architecture of the Mereon Matrix.

  • What grounds you? Where do you go when you need to feel safe?
  • How do you foster the ability to express your true emotions without emoting or dumping them on someone else? How do you cultivate the ebb and flow of your life in loving and self-nurturing ways?
  • What can you do today to lighten your mind when your thoughts are heavy?
  • How can you unkink the knots when your gut/instinct gets twisted?
  • What really matters to you today in light of eternity?
  • How can you light the fire of Love in your world today?

Take time to smell the fragrance of the rose and realise the essence of love floats all around you waiting to be experienced.