LOL on a rainy Wednesday

Last night while talking on the phone with a friend nine time zones away, early for her, but obviously way too late for me, I managed to accidentally baptise my computer with 1/4 glass of red wine. Needless to say, this led to a cataract of emotions that quickly dissolved our dialogue.  This morning after a night sleeping like an egg beater, I dragged myself to my desk and with fingers crossed rebooted my computer. As it flickered to life, the only thing that went awry was that the screen view had somehow rotated 90 degrees. Thankfully this was easily remedied. Able to finish and deliver two major projects, gratitude flowed through me as this wonderful piece of technology clearly took this accidental sprinkling of abundance as a blessing rather than turning it a coup de grace/benediction that would have been a wicked ending.And if you're a cat lover --I am!-- and in need a good laugh don't miss this hysterical video I've rechristened 'The Kitty-Go-Round"!  Like a glass of red wine, it's medicine for the heart that will lighten your mind and renew your spirit!

mouseBut as for my feline friend, Ms. Mouse, while she will follow the robotic vacuum around the house, there's not a chance in the world that she'll ever ride it!  And because she won't suffer the indignity of donning a flea or tic collar, there's no way you'll ever see her here wearing a costume!

Make it a great day!