Existential Questions

A reminder about the reason this site exists... Do you remember when the most urgent life quest was driven by deep, introspective self-inquiry? Do you remember asking yourself, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"


The discovery that these are life-long questions, awareness that living is about questioning and answering, led many to make significant life choices. Paths were taken where they were enabled to intentionally pave the course of their life with meaningful acts that generated benefits for all.

Some made decisions to join the rat-race and have spent their entire lives in the hamster wheel running themselves ragged thinking quality was about acquiring more or going bigger. Many died believing the lie that propagated the myth that the quest to be the 'best' was worth dying for. As a consequence for too many today's existential questions are "What's in it for me?" and "Why should I care?"

The youth of today are still wrestling with the original queries, and pushed by parents, the bureaucrats ruling schools, and too much of the mass media, too many are losing, giving up on life. Living is not fight to be right or a need to 'win'. The days where greed spawns the attitude “I can't be bothered” either come to an end or humanity will surely suffer an unimaginable painful ending.

It is time for a unified group of diverse people with the competence, means and will to come together to willingly work to make a positive difference. Coming together around a new vision that is based on shared values, they can agree to ask and re-ask the tough questions, offering, exploring and evolving new perspectives as they innovate to discover and apply new solutions.