The One Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blog-award1Harlon, thank you from my heart, mind and spirit for your timely expression of appreciation. And yes, I agree with you that this ‘award’ is something like a chain letter, however, it is a way to express that which is meaningful and have others reflect on the myriad of reasons why we feel it’s ‘so’. Given that my purpose is about coming into unity, true Community, and making connections that truly support being human, it’s a reminder that inspiration is available when we need it most. Your message was for me such an uplifting experience writing has been something that has kept me company and connected. As for the One Lovely Blog Award Rules…

While my LifeCourse is played by my rules, it's with a smile that I agree and meet these 'conditions' :)

Rule 1: Harlon, thank you again for your nomination! 

Rule 2: Placing The One Lovely Blog logo along this post—done!

Rule 3: Sharing 7 facts about yourself… how boring… but they are:

  1. My joyous purpose is to playing with the most amazing team as we explore knowledge in ways that make a positive difference; working with others to help make this world a safe place for the Future;
  2. I am committed to lifelong learning;
  3. My most visible trait is curiosity, which is for me the key to learning, and willingly unlearning and relearning;
  4. My passion is the transformation of education, renovating the concept of school;
  5. I’m equally proud and humbled by my hard earned PhD in Tenacity;
  6. The only thing that's required for me to travel is an invitation;
  7. While I feel at home anywhere, Italy always feels like home; and
  8. I love creating, painting, photography and writing!

Number 8 is just to prove the 'Rules' someone else writes aren't mine to prove solid! 

In the coming weeks it’s my intent to fulfill Rule 4, by nominating the blogs I follow.

For now Harlon, you’re Number 1!