Living: A Natural Progression

26 october 2014 blog natural steps Last month while on retreat at Sanctuario La Verna in the mountains outside of Florence, Italy, dry days were spent wandering the amazing landscape that surrounds the monastery.The trails, including the climb to the top of Mt. Penna, are well worn by the thousands of pilgrims who walk this way on the Cammino de Francesco.

Note: The many Walks across Europe are truly 'catholic' experiences, the word meaning 'universal'. If you've never considered such a journey let me encourage you to take a sabbatical from 'normal' and do so. Nature is our most powerful teacher, and what the Earth, rainstorms, wind, blue skies and sunshine will teach you about your body, heart, mind and spirit during this time will provide life-affirming lessons. Each will be reflected, deepened and realised in the relationships that you develop as you meet and travel together with others on the path. This is a truth we can realise every day if we're open to 'incounters' and encounters.

One of the many things learned and loved was how the roots of trees old and new form natural stairways in so many places.Since returning to 'normal' life, normal being the ultimate guessing game, not anything real, so many experiences on this sojourn continue to sprout new thoughts in my heart and mind. This photograph is a reminder of how the moment I've made a decision, clear that I'm prepared and ready to take the next step, all I have to do is lift both my eyes and one foot, and the Universe cooperates. This transactional agreement is often nothing short of miraculous as the next stair, step or magic carpet naturally appears.

What step are you preparing to take today? Is your body ready? How about your heart? Have you connected all the dots? Have you learned from the passed? Have you done your best to guarantee that the time and timing are aligned? Is your inner spirit in full agreement?

If so, it's time to say "Yes."