Making Memories and Planning Plan Be

regent 1Tuesday was a gorgeous autumn day in London and a dear friend and I spent the entire afternoon walking through Regent's Park celebrating as we conspired with the Universe about how we will make a positive difference in the world. The dialogue was non-stop, as richly textured as the beauty of this spectacular open space in the central London... Taking a picture of a rose is one thing, however stopping to take the time to inhale and notice how the fragrance of one blossom is subtly or wildly different from another makes it an experience.regents 6Remember when Simon and Garfunkel sang the song Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme? The lyrics started with a question; 'Are you going to Scarborough Fair?" This is the Scarborough Rose that is famous in the Yorkshire village of thesame name, Scarborough! regents scarborough fair roseMany bridges were built and crossed as we traversed time...regents3When the light broke through the shade in nature, mind or  heart, the beauty was breath giving...regents 4Sculptures helped us ground ideas and prepare for flight... regents eagle

Watching the myriad of feathered friends walk and take flight proved a constant source of laughter and inspiration! regent 2

regents 7But the talk was about one thing... the future and the transformation of education!regents 9

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