'Happy' is an event

Human health and well-being and relationships are being torn apart by media outlets that preach 'more, bigger and better' is best, and by advertising pundits who hard and soft-sell the lie that things will make you happy.  Any person, business, religion or political party that is promising you that what they offer will pave continuum of your life with happiness is selling a lie.

My heart literally hurt this morning when I opened the news and read the headline reporting that in the UK  there has been a 'massive' upsurge in teen suicide. FACT: Great Britain is not terminally unique, and most of us are aware that this 'option' is not limited to youth.

loves arc of grace copy

Joy is a quality of life that we experience as we free ourselves to appropriately express whatever true emotion we feel in the moment. It is expressed by owning a simple statement: "I'm sad."; "I'm angry." "I'm disappointed."  "I'm weary.";  "I'm hopeful.";  "I'm scared."; "I'm happy" are all events.

A thankful heart has the strength to lift the heaviest mind and carry your spirit over Time's eternal arc with elegant grace. 

When we make it our intent to remember the moments when the smile on our face was ear-to-ear, gratitude begins to flow again and the love of life will spark once more. Even the smallest ember will begin to glow as we gently protect it and breathe it into full flame. It is this energy that enables us to connect the dots and see a bigger picture! This then allows us to take a new trajectory and go deeper into that inner space where we can have a close encounter with the Source of life reconnect with our values, that which we are willing to live for. Doing so is let's us harness our inner power so we can continue to remember and grow with the flow.

Time and a lifetime flow on the Curve, but remember the Universe doesn't grade on 'the curve'. Breathing take us through the roughest spots, and reaching out to ask for help lets us meet and pass every challenge. Remember that our willingness to be open and vulnerable is the surest bond. Living is about being in REALationships, where all accept that perfect is what we are not something any one of us can ever do.

If these thoughts are meaningful, please accept the invitation to reach out to me or anyone else, and to reblog this post to pass it on. Love is offered freely in many places, and it alone is an experience of joy that transcends the ever fragile hope and faith that often goes AWOL.