What are your best recipes for living?

SPOILED-FOODA Very Personal Perspective Even though thousands of miles of ocean air separate my nose and the land of my birth, my sniffer detects a foul stench in the air. It's not just me; everyone around me is aware of it and more than a few of you have shared that your world reeks as well. Frankly, if your BS detector isn't going off...

I don't know why.

The malodorous stench of partisan politics that comes from greediness and leads to neediness and hamstrings wise decision making in the process is wafting through the world today. If you aren't smelling the stink that's coming from too many politically polluted sources, chances are your head is buried and your heart, brain and spirit are suffocating.

Cooking as a Metaphor for Living

With these thoughts embedded in your brain, let's explore how cooking is a reasonable metaphor for helping you live the life you want to live.


Italy, of course...

While we all have to eat, one thing is certain; not everyone is a good cook and at this point in our lives more than a few of us would prefer to make reservations than ratatouille!

Every good cook I know has the following abilities:

1) To read a cookbook, make a meal plan and shop; 2) To follow a menu and ad lib on a whim or when necessary; 3) They're able to coordinate their time and attend to the timing issues; 4) They understand that self-organisation is critical; and 5) They've learned to delegate, accepting or enlisting help; 6) They pretty much serve every course on time; and 7) Enjoy the meal as well!

foodraadvadkro 4The great cooks are all of this and more:

1. They know exactly who they are serving and why; 2. Their curiosity is unshackled; 3. They’re consummate sniffers; 4. They have dozens of clean spoons and are continual tasters; 5. They crack eggs and time with one hand tied behind their back; and 6. They know that preparing a fine meal doesn't eat time; and 7. They love what they do!

Good cooks and great ones know that the best part of any meal is the time spent sharing it with loved ones, and the best of the best masterfully set the space.how will you set the space

Okay, so it's a table set for royalty, but we are all members of the Royal We

But like you, I also have friends who are seriously allergic to the kitchen, and others who I wish were!

kitchen disasterThinking about this the other day I realised that both are afflicted by the same malady yet there is a paradoxical twist. Some of these friends can herd cats, spending every day with a classroom of kindergartners or masterfully multi-tasking in the office, yet they are all emotionally and mentally challenged by the complex temporal realities dictated by a cookbook, menu planning and serving!

Have you ever planned a meal only to have one little thing go wrong and suddenly the whole event goes sideways taking your equanimity with it? How often are such blunders related to time or timing? What happens when your timing is spot on but your guests arrive late? Have you ever taken a forkful of rice only to bite down and chip a tooth because it wasn't cooked? Has the main course ever been charred because you got distracted and forgot to turn on the rotisserie after you put it on the grill? Has a loaf of bread ever failed to rise? Has a soufflé ever fallen causing you to weep? Have you ever joined your guests at the table only to realise that the main course was missing? It happened last week for a friend! The beautiful lamb roast she planned to prepare was right where she put it when she brought it home from the butcher: uncooked in the fridge.


Stesa, Italy :)

So, back to your life and living authentically...

What are the recipes that make your life worth living?

  1. What is on your list of favourite ingredients?
  2. What are your most effective tools and utensils?
  3. What happens when you let someone decide what you're gonna 'eat'?
  4. What do you do when something that’s supposed to be light, unexpectedly falls?
  5. How do you mix things up without messing them up?
  6. What sours your heart or sends you body into burnout?
  7. What scorches the wings of your spirit and sends you crashing to ground?

Hmmm... maybe it's time to think about writing a new kind of cookbook.... ?